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Reports say over 7,700 ballots go missing from Cobb County Georgia

Georgia elections activist Kandiss Taylor reported that she and audit volunteers discovered over 168,922 early advance votes.

The records posted by Kandiss certified less than 12,000 vote difference.

“Part of the authorized procedure for closing a precinct for advanced early voting or election day voting is to print the tabulation tapes from each ballot scanner. These scanners are the ones the voters use to scan their ballots produced from the ballot marking device (BMD). These tabulator tapes from the ballot scanner are an exact tally of the total number of votes from scanned ballots by all voters in that precinct. The tabulator tapes are the only legal record of our votes cast that are requested by the Superior Court in each county for safekeeping. The tapes are to be sent to the Clerk of the Superior Court, as soon as possible, after the ballot scanner is closed. These tabulator tapes are a hardcopy source document of the computer memory card and reflect the information that is electronically conveyed through the voting system.”


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