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🎥 Scientific Misconduct: Study On COVID Drug Halted Then Adjusted To Skew Results

Fauci knew it was toxic, killed people & promoted it anyway.

One man has put himself at the forefront of the entire pandemic when it comes to COVID-19 and how America reacts to the virus. Serving as the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci has continued to push agendas and narratives only to take a different stance months later. And with his unethical past called into question, many are starting to investigate the man behind COVID-19 and the mandates that continue to plague the nation.

In the video, which can be watched below, Dr. Paul Maik spoke at the COVID Summit held in Nashville, Tennessee, when he brought up the findings of a drug called Remdesivir used to treat ebola patients. On December 12, 2019, the same time COVID-19 was announced, the New England Journal of Medicine published findings that Remdesivir was a toxic drug that killed patients and increased their risk of kidney failure. And according to Maik, Dr. Fauci knew this, yet he promoted it, even before all the data was compiled, as a treatment for COVID-19.

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Maik went on to add, “Halfway through the study, they did an interim analysis and found that the study was not going to be positive. So they changed the endpoint, the goal post, halfway through the study. That is called scientific misconduct.”

SOURCE: Red Voice Media

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