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Steve Scully Ready & "willing" to testify against Prince Andrew

Steve Scully, formerly employed by Jeffrey Epstein is “willing” to testify everything he saw in the Manhattan Federal Court case brought on by Virginia Roberts Guiffre. Scully told The Sun that he saw Andrew “kissing and grinding” against a bikini-clad woman who happened to be Guiffre. He then didn’t have a camera and wondered that if he had it, he could get a picture worth $50,000.

He saw them “bumping and grinding” alongside the pool before they decided to head back towards the lounge chairs. Enhancing what he saw, he emphasized that it “struck” him that the girl was so young but he didn’t do anything to intervene.

“If Virginia’s lawyers call, I will definitely speak to them and I would give a deposition under oath telling them what I saw,” Scully continued. “The nice thing about the truth is that it doesn’t change!”

“There’s no question in my mind that I saw Prince Andrew and Virginia together and no question that he would remember the incident either,” Scully said. “He should come clean.”

Virginia Roberts Guiffre had filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrews claiming that he sexually assaulted her in New York on Epstein's "pedo island" when she was 17.


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