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Texas Senate Passes Bill For Forensic Audit in 18-11 Vote Following Failed Democrat Filibuster

The Texas Senate passed the Republican election integrity bill after an unsuccessful Democrat filibuster ended after 15 hours.

Via the America First Audit Channel.

The vote passed by an 18-11 margin.

Democrats tried to shut this audit down too — IN TEXAS! Why are they so terrified of audits?

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The Daily Mail reported:

The Texas Senate has passed a bill with new voting restrictions on Thursday morning, after a Democratic Texas lawmaker finished a roughly 15-hour filibuster where she had to speak constantly and not lean on her desk, eat, drink or use the restroom in protest of the state’s Republican-backed legislation. Lawmakers in Texas’s upper house voted 18-11 in favor of the bill aimed at enhancing election security.
Debate on the measure began Wednesday evening before State Senator Carol Alvarado began speaking continuously and wrapped just before 9 a.m. local time on Thursday.

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