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The $1.9 Trillion Stimulus - Government Grand Theft That Makes Your Dollar Less Valuable

If you're no raging mad right now, I suggest you do some reading on the history of the United States Government and global money laundering. I promise you'll be fighting mad. And rightfully so.

The movie is taking a very interesting turn. As expected, the Swamp is being exposed at a frantic pace. Trump and the Patriots, they wanted the people to see it all. They wanted Americans focused on the rampant corruption in government and media and they wanted people to see it all happen in real time.

Don't see it yet? Just look at what happened with the latest $1.9 Trillion dollar COVID stimulus bill. Ron Johnson read the entire bill aloud - he wanted everyone to hear it. . It took something like 10 hours or to read in its entirety, much like Trump did a while back.

Johnson recorded himself reading the stimulus bill to let everyone know that it is not going to benefit the American people. We know that within the stimulus bill, only nine percent of it is going to the American people. The rest is going everywhere else BUT to the American tax payer. Why? Because the money is being laundered offshore and returned as payoffs to congress and state officials for obeying orders and keeping things closed to crash the economy. States like CA, NY, NJ and Michigan are receiving up to 600% of lost tax revenue resulting from their own baseless lockdowns! They destroyed their economies, peoples livelihoods and entire industries and now, they get a full bailout. Are you ok with this?

$1.9 trillion of our money - gone. The people of America are paying for Democratic Governors reckless, irrational and treasonous actions. We are funding the payoffs for keeping the states shut down, for destroying their state and cities.

The stimulus bill does virtually nothing for the common man or business owner who was forced to shut down their small businesses due to the democratic mandates. The bill does not help some poorly managed democratic cities and state governments stay afloat as it erases their debts for the foreseeable future. It erases, for example, the majority of San Francisco's projected 650 million budget deficit over the next two years. Thank you very much Madam Speaker.

The same thing is going to happen with Chuck Schumer in New York State, they're also going to be bailed out. So think about it. At this one point, nine trillion dollars is going to bail out their poorly run cities and states. Why are the people bailing out poor management and we know a lot of this money is going to be laundered away and it's going to be put right into their pockets. Remember, only nine percent is going to the people.

The package will most likely will be signed by Biden by the end of this week. And what happens, well, with Pelosi, this bill is going to

This is $1.9 trillion dollars being sent and laundered in different places. That those funds will never be seen again. No one will account for them. They won't know where they went and no one will even talk about it. This is what our government, the corrupt politicians, have done for decades. Makes you wonder, just how much more money should each American have in his or her pocket right now. The stimulus bill should have been for the people and that is it, nothing else.

What makes it all even worse, is that the printing of $1.9 Trillion dollars will undoubtedly trigger inflation of the US Dollar.

Let's define inflation. It's the devaluation of the fiat (government issue, non-collateralized) currency. When you place more dollars in circulation, each one is worth less. This isn't up for debate - it's basic economics. What does that mean? Bad news for Dollars, but it is good for cryptocurrency and it is good for gold, silver and other precious metals. That's why we're going to see them rise in value very quickly in the coming months. The deep state central bank is certainly going to try to keep them down. They will tell us these assets are unsafe (Crypto) or overvalued (Gold). As with everything else in the mainstream media, simply do the opposite of what they recommend and you'll be in the right position financially.

Ultimately, we the people are going to decide. Because the central banking cabal is no longer in control.


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