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🎙 The Art of War: Why Trump Had No Choice But to "Support" the Vaccines - From The x22 Report

January 11, 2022

The following was adapted from The X22 Report Podcast - the full episode can be accessed at the bottom of this article:

No matter what your opinion is on the vaccines, things would have been ALOT worse. It would be a lot worse than the COVID deaths that we have seen. The deaths that we would have seen would be from suicide, because Australia's top mental health experts they warned that the lockdown induced a 50% Jump in suicides.

Now, think about if we were locked down for 13 years. The 13 years of lockdowns that was originally planned by the Deep State Cabal prior to Operation Warp Speed. The numbers would have been staggering. Much larger than anything we have seen directly or indirectly stemming from COVID 19.

What about drug overdoses during the pandemic? For the first time ever, America has experienced more than 100,000 drug overdoses in a 12 month period.

What do you think was going to happen in 13 years?

Trump looked at this and said "okay, we're gonna have hundreds of millions of people die if we do this. We need to do something."

So let's just project out there. What would happen if Trump didn't introduce a vaccine? Here is a rough timeline of what would have likely taken place:

- March 2020: A lockdown begins. They tell us 15 days to stop the spread, wear a mask stay at home, stay separated.

- December 2020: lockdowns are continuing people are becoming worried. There is now news that this will last longer than expected.

- June 2021: People are not working. Shelves are becoming bare in stores. They're now rationing certain food items -- can't get everyday products people are panicking and starting to hoard fuel. Prices are through the roof. Most of the people do not travel because of the lockdowns, everyone's staying home.

- December 2021: Non COVID deaths are up 50% People are becoming desperate and breaking into homes looking for supplies.

- June 2022: lockdowns continue, government mainstream media reports that this will last another five years and will get worse.

- January 2027: lockdowns continue. Food is hard to find the government telling people to eat bugs for protein. Non COVID deaths are through the roof. Cities are ghost towns infrastructure is falling apart. Nobody's working. They're handing out $500 a month. But with inflation it doesn't go very far. $500 is basically worth about 50 bucks,

- April 2027: The death rate now from non COVID deaths is approaching 100 million people. And the government is doing nothing, the world leaders are doing absolutely nothing.

So you can see that if Trump didn't counter what they were trying to do. They were planning on keeping the world shut down. Actually just go to the World Economic Forum. Why did I mention bugs? Because The WEF predicted that eventually we will be eating bugs because there'd be no food.

They were planning on using the pandemic to bring us into this new system. The new system could not support a population that we have today. They would have to get rid of the population, which is depopulation.

So let's look at this at a a different perspective. Because Trump recently came out and said "yes, I took the vaccine and took the booster" people freaked out like crazy. And people were asking "what? why would he say that? Why would he say any of that?"

So think about it before the vaccine. What do we say? The Deep State plan was for death and destruction on a biblical scale.

So Trump, he created operation warp speed, the vaccine is produced. What if he looked at the vaccine and said "I wouldn't take that. I wouldn't take a booster either. It's death. Don't do it."

So how would that play out? Well, think about HCQ (Hydroxychloriquine). Think about the fake news saying that Trump was telling everyone to "drink bleach". Think about impeachment hoax number one impeachment hoax number two. What do you think they would have done?

If he said don't take the vaccine, Here's what likely would have happened:

- March 2020. Lockdown begins 15 days to stop the spread where mass stayed home, stay separated.

- December 2020. Operation warp speed produces first vaccine.

- June 2021. Trump says don't take the vaccine to his supporters. Fake News blames Trump and his supporters for the pandemic. Fake news every single day says that Trump is responsible for all the death -- everything that's going on right now. The pandemic, because of his supporters because of what Trump said will never ever end until everyone complies. Trump is responsible.

- DOJ in December of 2021 comes out and says Trump is a terrorist for what he has done. He has caused the pandemic to spread around the world because he's told his supporters and other people in other countries are following along and they're not taking the vaccine. It's Trump's fault.

- December 2021. Biden and the DOJ keep the lockdowns in place. And they start an investigation into Trump and what he said.

- June 2022. The DOJ issues that Trump is guilty and is a terrorist for what he has done. He has destroyed civilization the way we know it, because he told people don't take the vaccine. Lockdowns continue. People are still resisting and it's Trump's fault.

This is what they would have done. If he said vaccines are poisoned. Just think about what they've done when he said HCQ - See, HCQ would have shut down the entire thing, Ivermecting would shut down the entire pandemic actually, but they don't want anyone to know about these drugs because it would also shut down the flu and the common cold most likely. They don't want people to know this.

This is why Trump had to use the proper optics. Remember? This is a war......WE ARE AT WAR. And I have used this example before. In war, there are casualties. In war, you have to sacrifice certain things and Trump, he decided to sacrifice him getting a vaccine him getting a booster.

Think about when we raided Normandy. Did the generals know back then that there was going to be a huge amount of loss of life by raiding the beaches? Did they sacrifice those men? Yes, they did. But they knew we were at war. Trump knows we're at war. Actually, if you go back in time, the generals usually we're out in front leading the charge.

Think about what Trump has been through. He's been sued. He's been impeached twice. He's been made fun of on the fake news. They make up fake stories. Do you really think he wasn't going to keep the optics up with the vaccine because he knew what it would do to the rest of the country and the world? If the deep state players and the globalists got their way, we would have seen hundreds of millions of people perish.

This is why he did it. This is why he's taking all the slings and arrows. This is why he's out front because he he knew the plan, he knew what the deep state was going to do.

Excerpt From: The X22 Report

Full Episode:



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