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May 18, 2022

Those following the "Q" Movement and the rumored Devolution of the United States Federal Government into Military Control are familiar with the many overt, but coded communications being used by the "White Hats." The "comms" come in may formats, from time stamps on social media posts to key numbers referenced in speeches and even COVID-19. Yes, even COVID is being used as a "comm." It was conveyed long ago to the Q movement to track certain news announcements. Resignations of CEO's and board members, media personalities, Hollywood talent and elected officials with terms remaining are just a few that have shown clear patterns and numbers far beyond what's considered average in any year.

Additionally, "Q" told followers that as the end of the operation approached and long after the COVID Plandemic subsided, we would see a clear pattern of Democrat and RINO politicians, media personalities, Hollywood stars and even State and Local officials "test positive" for COVID-19. Such an announcement would mean that the person in question has been questioned, detained and/or arrested by the US Military. I know - sounds like another "CRAZY QAnon Conspiracy Theory, right? Until you see the pattern.


Simply go to Google News and search "tests+positive+covid" and search. The names that follow on this list are virtually the ONLY public personalities that have A) Tested Positive and B) Made a formal press announcement about it. We do not filter out anyone (save for a handful of professional athletes in leagues with ongoing testing protocols). The pattern is staggering - each person on this list has been double jabbed and boosted. Each makes almost the identical announcement: that they are "thankful for the vaccine, because it saved them from being more sick." 😂 They finish up the propaganda by reminding everyone of the "importance of getting vaccinated and boosted." Because, ya know, it worked so well for them.


Lastly, there is the stunning pattern of WHO. Politically, they are virtually ALL Democrats and RINO's (Republican in Name Only). They include the majority of Congress, Governors, Attorney's General, County Executives and Commissioners - all with ties to COVID-related crimes, Election Fraud or other nefarious activities. The media personalities are all tied to organizations that have been accused of colluding with the government, big tech, big pharma, large corporations or all of the above, in facilitating COVID and Election-related propaganda. And yes, there are names on this list tied to human trafficking.


What does this PROVE you ask? In the literal sense, nothing. But knowing the ongoing Military operation, the suspected crimes and the statistically-impossible patterns, it DOES prove that this list cannot be a mere coincidence. Check back here or on our Telegram Channel for daily Updates.



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