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🎥 Women and Children BEATEN During Anti-COVID Protest in Berlin: 600 Arrests,1 Dead

While a hundred thousand Frenchmen protested against Macron’s vaccine passports on Sunday in Paris, German police violently shut down a protest in Berlin. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture is investigating the use of excessive force.

Over 600 protestors were arrested in Berlin on Sunday, one man died of a heart attack after being interrogated by police.

The far-left Berlin government had banned the anti-lockdown protests in Berlin, despite permitting 80,000 largely unmasked people at a gay pride march the week before. Tens of thousands of freedom-loving citizens showed up on Sunday all the same to exercise their constitutional right to protest.

But the 2,250 riot police officers apparently had orders to crack down on people seeking freedom from Covid lockdowns.

A video showed police apparently punching a sitting young boy of about 10 in the face, after dragging his mother away:

Police punched a cuffed woman on the ground in the head:

Officers brutalized elderly women seeking to exercise their right to protest:

Fleeing protestors were body-tackled and punched trying to escape the police assault:

Journalist Boris Reitschuster was also manhandled despite having his press pass visibly displayed:

Nils Melzer, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, wrote: „This has just been brought to my attention. Can anyone provide my office with the specifics / witness statements of this incident and whether an official investigation has been launched? Send to: (please not via Twitter-reply/DM).“


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