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The Great Awakening: It’s Time to Start Paying Attention, People…

February 2, 2023

People are going to have to start preparing themselves for what is coming.

If all you have done is listen to the mainstream media for the last few years and have not bothered to look elsewhere for your information its likely that you are going to be in for the shock of your lives unfortunately.

To those paying attention the direction we are heading is now clear as day.

The TRUTH shall be known and from these truths governments and institiuons that were once trusted will fall.

Those who have facilitated the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated on the human race will face capital punishment or life imprisonment for what will be eventually known as a pre meditated pandemic. This will be done through international military tribunals. For those that know your history you will remember Nuremberg and the trials of the Nazis and their conspirators. This is going to happen again but it will be on a scale far bigger than you can comprehend and it will not result in some people getting away with their crimes this time around.

There will be no amnesty, and no deals.

The world has been under assault for decades, but in reality it has been ongoing for thousands of years. Globalism is not just a buzzword people throw around, the World Economic Forum is not just a forum. You have been psychologically programmed for generations to believe their double speak and lies. These are very calculated, very intelligent, technocratic social engineers, and they use occultist knowledge to further their goals and brainwash the global population.

Where you once protested to stop wars you now fly Yellow & Blue flags and call for more and more armaments to prolong a sickening war started by proxy and run by Azov Battalion [Na]zis. A war that neither side wants.

Where you once protested for medical freedom and a good health care system you now line up and allow a goverment to force a dangerous untested drug upon you for fear of losing your God given freedoms. You allowed this on your children.

Where you once campaigned for better education systems, you now allow them to shut down schools as they please and segregate your children behind glass screens.

Where you once were disgusted by pedophilia you now sit back and do nothing when sickening modeling agencies like Balenciaga are exposed for their disgusting photography of young children in bondage gear. What did you do when Epstein was caught, did you speak up?

It's time to take your heads from out of the sand, stop living in a bubble you think is going to protect you, because it isn't, and start facing reality head on, before reality hits you in the face. Because the truth is, those who continue to stay ignorant will struggle immensely as the months go on.

This may be hard to read for some but you must always know that those who have come to the realisation of how this world really works will always be there to help you when the time comes.

You just have to take the first step.

It really is now or never.



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