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🎥🍿 THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH: How Laws & Orders Prove Trump is STILL Commander in Chief

September 9, 2023

A film by Nick Alvear | GoodLion.TV

If you're looking for the "one" video that proves the truth about Q, Devolution and Continuity of Government, THIS IS IT!

This 2023 documentary proves, through detailed laws & orders, how the Military is in full control of the United States and how Donald J Trump is STILL the Commander in Chief.


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Okay, so if this is true, I have LOTS of questions, but mostly this one: If Trump is still president and most of the injections were saline, when they took hundred of millions if not billions of the people's tax dollars to pay for and distribute those injections assuring us that they were safe and effective, that was massive fraud against not only we the people, but the people of the world! One more of the many questions I have is, if Trump is still president, why is our country being invaded? I'm pretty sure he would not allow that. Is it just another well orchestrated illusion?

Me gusta
13 dic 2023
Contestando a

Really? So, you're worried about taxpayer dollars, as opposed to saving people's lives from their own fear based propaganda? Also, Trump is NOT President. The Supreme Court separated the office of President from Commander In Chief. Trump is Commander in Chief, and he alone has an agreement with the military, and THEY are waiting to make a strategic move of ALL MOVES!

Me gusta
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