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The REAL “Threat to Our Democracy”

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

From The Social Media Delinquent: Might I Opine:

What if I were to tell you that one political party and a presidential campaign spied on the other, what would you think of? For many images and memories of the Watergate scandal would come to mind. When a presidential candidate hired professionals to break into the opposing party’s headquarters in an attempt to steal information. We all know how that ended, with a cover-up and the sitting President stepping down, leaving office in shame. And so the terms “as bad as Watergate” or “worse than Watergate” would enter our lexicon.

But there is a more current event that I believe history will deem “worse than Watergate.” If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about then you’re probably a consumer of main stream media. With Durham‘s most recent court filings we’ve now learned that the Clinton campaign hired a tech company to infiltrate the Trump campaign servers and after the election they even broke into the White House servers in attempt to either surveil a sitting President’s activities or possibly steal information.

What classified or top-secret information did this private company hired by the Clintons have access to?

This is not a simple burglary and cover-up, this was a national security threat, a “threat to our democracy”, and worse than Watergate. If you are truly concerned about this Republic and our democratic process you should be concerned about one party fabricating an entire conspiracy theory and holding our government hostage for four years.

What is even worse than that is that this conspiracy theory, the Russian collusion hoax, was not just Democrats versus Republicans, it was friends versus friends, neighbors versus neighbors and family members disowning each other believing that the other was a Russian asset because of who they voted for. Those responsible for creating the Russian collusion hoax must be held accountable if our nation is to heal and come back together as one, E Pluribus Unum.



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