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The Truth Disclosure Flood Is Creating A Left-Wing Identity Crisis

January 25, 2023

Recently, I’ve shifted my focus to heavily observing the mainstream and Left-wing echo chambers. Studying how the media attempt their spins, and how well it is received by their followers, etc.

There is a seismic shift happening amongst the normies. There is a growing resistance to MSM narratives in mainstream and Left-wing circles, particularly on Twitter, which has huge influence that bleeds into all the other platforms as well.

The accumulation of irregularities in the MSM narratives, are taking their toll on the sheep. The current combination of the Biden Docs scandal, the jabs not being “safe and effective” as promised, and the growing body of evidence that C19 was human engineered; has caused an identity crisis amongst the Left.

Their entire personas revolved around masks, covid vaccines, and Trump being a criminal. Now they are being forced to rationalize that the “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists” were right, and turns out Biden and the DNC are criminals. The pillars of their identity are slowly being proven to be a farce, and it’s breaking the cohesion of the Left and their followers.

Based on my observations, I believe we are in the middle of a mass-normie-waking event by accumulation.

“Death by a thousand cuts”, “straw that broke the camel’s back”, etc., and it’s reaching a breaking point. Even many of the Liberal talking heads are struggling to continue maintain the charade.

This result is largely due to the public conversation being had, made possible by Elon freeing Twitter of Left-wing algorithm and bot manipulation. The normies are no longer shielded from public discourse like they were before. The comment sections are flooded with counter-arguments to MSM lies. Conservative voices are seeing increased exposure due to no longer being shadow-banned, and it’s making dividends in public perception.

Flashback circa 2017, there were very few Conservative voices in the mainstream, Conservative trending hashtags, and counter-arguments in the comment sections. Twitter is like a different planet entirely now. Elon leveled the playing field, and now we are winning pretty handily.

As for the normies, they appear to be very lost in their beliefs. Unsure what to think, what to believe, or how to act. The psychological trauma is inducing a “Fight or Flight” response. Most of them have opted for flight, going quiet/focusing on other distractions to avoid addressing the inevitable, leaving an opening for Conservative narratives to flourish. Some opted to fight, lashing out as a defense mechanism in response to their fear, amplifying the severity of their hatred for the Conservatives, creating more bulletin-board material for the Right.

In conclusion, Elon’s intervention into Twitter’s nefarious criminal activity not only exposed unprecedented levels of corruption within the government and private enterprise; it paved the way for truth and logic to reign supreme via public discourse, which resulted in a consistent stream of organic mass normie-waking, followed by the current watershed of awakening.

This outcome is what Elon means when he preaches “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” (The voice of the People, is the voice God).

Allow the People to speak freely, and truth will come out. The plan is working.



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