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The US Global Bio-lab Network: Malice vs Negligence

June 6, 2022

by Clandestine on SubStack

Let’s entertain for argument’s sake, that the US government and media are telling the truth this time about the Biolabs in Ukraine, and these facilities are truly being used exclusively for “defensive” research.

There are approximately 330 documented US DoD funded biolabs worldwide, in addition to the CDC, the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, Pfizer, Moderna, etc.; all of which are pouring billions and billions of dollars into “preventative” biological research and vaccines.

All these global resources, and what did they accomplish? How did they do anything to deter, prevent, treat, or cure C19? And now Monkeypox? Whatever they are doing with the billions and billions of our tax payer dollars, doesn’t appear to be working. In fact they only seem to make it worse.

So for those who still refuse to subscribe to the inconvenient reality that the US biolab network is malicious… you cannot deny that the US biolab network has been at least completely incompetent, if not willfully negligent.

And this malice/negligence caused Russia to use military force to intervene in US biological activity near the Russian border, because the US has clearly shown they are not to be trusted with our biological capabilities.

Keep in mind, the US government and western media denied the existence of these labs at all. Only for them to reluctantly have to admit the labs exist days later. If these labs truly were defensive and they have nothing to hide, why did they vehemently deny the existence of the labs in the first place?

Why did they launch a mass censorship and smear campaign against me for pointing out these labs existed? Why did 43 separate publications label me by name and label my story as a “conspiracy theory”? Why put forth so much effort to cover up something if there’s nothing to cover up?

The US government and media are admitting they lied to you earlier about there being no labs… but they are being super serious and honest THIS time when they tell you the labs they said didn’t exist, are actually 100% defensive, not nefarious at all, and nobody needs to investigate it or talk about it in any way, shape, or form.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to recognize rudimentary tells of human dishonesty and deception. The People can smell bullshit from miles away, and everything pertaining to the US biological network reeks of fresh manure.




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