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The US is Treating Political Prisoners The Same Way as a Third Would Country

During the summer of madness liberals were objectively violent on a massive scale. 1,000s participated in actual Burning, Looting, and Murdering across America. Millions of citizens stayed in their homes due to fear of liberal violence.

Then Capital Police, acting on secret orders from Congress, INVITED Jan 6th conservative protesters to March through the Capital building… and now many languish in jail.

Multiple videos have emerged showing Police open the doors and invite people in, yet liberals and the media pretend not to be aware of this evidence. More importantly the DOJ pretends not to notice, even though NO JURY in America will convict after watching those videos.

It has also become clear that Capitol Police are hiding the security cam tapes from Jan 6. Do not let people forget Nancy Pelosi that has authority to force their release!

So what’s the point in holding the victims of the fake riot? Political prisoners can be useful for optics in the short term. They are still needed for the narrative about “qanon” and Trump violence on Jan 6th.

Conclusion: We now have innocent political prisoners in the U.S. 👀





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