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The Verdict is In: The Trump Slandering is All A Pack of Lies

April 19, 2022

In case you need more proof that the conspiracy theory about Donald Trump that obsessed the press and congressional Democrats for four years was made up by Hillary Clinton and her campaign, here comes another piece of evidence: John Durham reveals that the “A secret Trump server is communicating with a Russian bank” claim is bunk.

In a new filing, Durham reveals that the CIA concluded that cellphone data and Internet traffic provided by Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann was “not technically plausible” and “user created.” Just like the Christopher Steele dossier, they made it all up. Wish the CIA could have told us that.

Robert Mueller said as much, yet many on the left continued to ignore his absolution, just as they will likely ignore or paper over the special counsel’s conclusions. Clinton’s team invented a story, forged evidence, and then presented it to the FBI and CIA as if it was something worth pursuing, derailing a presidency for years.

Let’s review:

ALLEGATION: Trump had a secret computer server in communication with a Russian bank, and a Russian-made phone followed him wherever he went.

VERDICT: False. The CIA concluded the data, presented by Clinton lawyer Sussmann, who lied to agents that he was working independently, wasn’t plausible. Many computer experts have since dismissed it as baloney.

ALLEGATION: Trump used “moles in the DNC” to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.

VERDICT: False. Mueller found no evidence of this, nor did anyone else. The emails were hacked, likely by a Russian group, and the Trump campaign had no knowledge it was going to happen, reporting has found.

ALLEGATION: The Russians had “kompromat” on Trump, including videos of him with prostitutes.

VERDICT: False. Agents and reporters found no evidence. Nothing was ever released. Trump denied it and there was no support for the allegation. In fact, Durham alleges a Democratic operative was the source for Steele, meaning it was rumor-fueled, and likely made up, by people in Clinton’s orbit.

ALLEGATION: Trump will help lift sanctions and boost Russia because he is compromised.

VERDICT: False. Trump increased sanctions as president and, though he wanted to forge a new relationship with Russia, gave Vladimir Putin nothing that he wanted.

ALLEGATION: Trump officials regularly met with Russian officials secretly.

VERDICT: False. The dossier says that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen met with Russian agents in Prague. That was denied repeatedly by Cohen and others and debunked by the Mueller report. After the election, Russian officials tried to contact Trump and inquire about top aide positions, information they should know about if Trump was really compromised.

We could go on and on, but much of the dossier and DNC allegations against Trump are “He likes Russia.” Trump never made his ambitions to try to warm Russian-American relations secret. If he was naive, it wasn’t compromised — it’s called political differences.

Yet “not technically plausible” and “user created” became the bywords of the day. Durham is chipping away at the conspiracy. And it is a conspiracy. The evidence is obvious.



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