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🟨 YES. I Believe AOC Is Controlled and Acting For The White Hats. She’s A Walking Red 💊Pill

Originally Published July 21, 2022

Updated April 8, 2023

I’m a researcher, not a writer, so don’t expect this piece to be very polished. The genesis of my country commentary stems from ongoing Telegram discussions with my fellow “lunatic insurrectionists” in the ‘Q’ community. It’s what we do on Saturdays when our cult leader, “Comrade Trump” isn’t holding one of his “hate rallies”.

But I digress…

For years, it’s been my belief and that of many others that AOC is not what she seems.

I’m convinced that AOC is a White Hat plant. An asset, an operative . She’s literally an actress who instantly became the greatest walking red pill, until fake Biden came along. I believe she was planted as a result of the sting operation that was run on the 2018 election.

Yes, Trump caught them all back then as well and, in my opinion, they ‘flipped’ MANY of the criminals back then. Those people are helping the current phase of the operation and I do believe AOC is at the forefront. Do I believe she’s a criminal? No. I believe her handlers are criminals. I believe the people that orchestrated and rigged her district are criminals and I believe that makes her complicit, whether she knew or not. So she’s becomes an asset.

In my opinion, It’s no coincidence that the biggest walking red pill in Congress is a 28 year old (when elected) bartender who draws attention because she’s attractive and says THE most ridiculous sh*t possible at every turn. With zero political experience, she manages to go from zero to world fame in a few months? She pushes the most woke of woke agendas making her a walking sound byte that’s like crack for the media. So both Liberal AND Conservative outlet cove her every move. The former because it pushes their globalist agenda and the latter because the absurdity is entertaining. Her polarizing influence even makes it into comedy and pop culture.

Scorsese couldn’t have cast this better.

But, the older, “establishment” Dems, the RINOS and all their globalist overlords; they DO NOT like this attention. It’s bad for business.

Think of it all like the Mafia. You simply don’t draw unnecessary attention to your criminal operations. EVER. The business survives in the shadows. Organized crime syndicates, like our Government, haven’t successfully hidden crime in plain sight for a century by allowing the ‘town idiot’ to show everyone their hand. The Deep State didn’t spend decades infiltrating the US Government, only to allow Sandy Cortez to be their downfall.

So, why can’t they shut her up?

The Deep State can silence, blackmail, threaten and kill ANYONE at will. They have never hesitated to exercise that power against everyone from press to Presidents.  But they can’t shut AOC up?

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And then there’s the Mockingbird media.

Does it make sense that AOC is a darling of the media when she shows that the inmates are running the asylum every time she’s near a camera?  Do you think the CIA brass wouldn’t have ordered their corporate media minions to cut her off by now? Of course they would have.


Unless …..she’s acting and the White Hats have been pulling many more strings and for far longer than most realize (“80% dark ops necessary”-Q).

Remember, we know Trump and the White Hats ran a sting on the 2018 election.  Trump’s key executive orders (13848 & 13818) on trafficking and interference in elections were purposely written 2 months before the 2018 midterms. Those two orders alone would mean most major corporations were already in serious trouble 4 years ago. That would have given Trump and the White Hats a lot more runway to work with.

Or we can believe what we were told. AOC is just THAT good 👍

We should further believe that this 28 year old freshman Congresswoman came up with the New Green Deal? The same plan that’s the very basis of what Fake Biden and his Globalist overlords are trying to implement right now? 

The same plan that’s actually been around for a decade? The same plan that was already instituted in places like Sri Lanka and Ghana? Gee, how’s that working out lately? (Spoiler alert: no power, no food, no water….anarchy)

But AOC came up with the GND in 2018?  With Bernie…..Just like they and their Mockingbird Media Cohorts told us….Riiight 👌🏻

In my humble opinion, it’s more and more clear every day. The White Hat plants, controlled opposition and acting started LONG BEFORE the 2020 election. From my perspective, AOC is a white hat controlled asset and has been from day one.

Her recent “defection” from the January 6th Unselect Committee Narrative and Monday’s staged arrest, (complete with Sandy pretending to be handcuffed) both made National headlines. The Americans now see the lies. And not years or months after the fact. We see their lies and propaganda right it as it happens. There’s far too many of us awake and watching EVERYTHING they do.

💊 If my hunch is right, the AOC Red Pill has thus been successful 🇺🇸


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