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🟨 There Will Be Bad Days, But The Best Is Yet To Come

December 14, 2022

by Maryann Chambers on Telegram

Patriots and Frog Family,

One thing has become apparent to me after the last few years…you need to fight through some very bad days to be able to earn the best days that lay ahead for us. We have been participating in that fight. Our mission has always been clear. We are fighting to save our children…our grandchildren and future generations. We are uncovering all the lies and showing the world the truths. We know that our past and present situation is not our final destination…we know the best is yet to come.

No, we don’t quite truly know what the future holds for us but we do know that we are in this battle to turn the wrongs back to rights…uncovering all the lies for all to see and replacing it with the truth. We know we are fighting this battle because we were chosen by God to be here at this specific time in history to do all the hard lifting necessary so our children can live in truth and honor and freedom. We know being free for the first time in centuries is our goal and destination by bringing us all from dark to light.

Our first version of life held us as brainwashed slaves but we were awakened to take a stand and became the majority. We must let go of the old version of life and start creating the best version by truly believing that the he best is yet to come. I know that many dont want to read flowery rah rah words and some are still very skeptical but we know one huge point or we wouldn’t still be here…God is truth and by now we must truly believe that. If we do believe that then we know without a doubt that yes, the best is yet to come.

I woke up this morning and told Whip (Whiplash347 on Telegram) I had no idea what to write for this daily. He sent me some news clippings but all i kept seeing was the words “the best is yet to come”. I drank my tea and reread the clippings and there were no words in those clippings that said the best is yet to come but those words were still being felt very strongly…i used to tease and say, ok God, I have my tea, I am ready…I am your transcriptionist. I never do plan out what I am going to write. But today the message is hitting me very strongly that I need to put away my sorrows and pain and know that God has my six and that He is assuring me that “the best is yet to come.”

Today seems brighter and I can already feel my energy increasing because although I do not know what today or tomorrow brings, I DO finally know that our Q leaders and God have told us that the best is yet to come and that energizes me to get through yet another day…another week…or however long it may take. But I do feel so very strongly that we will not have to wait much longer. Only God and perhaps ten people actually know exactly when our “best days are yet to come” but the feeling is strong that the darkness has lifted and the light is getting brighter with each step that we take. So hang tough frog warriors because this mission is crucial to not only saving our children but to saving us. We came together and united for a specific reason. Our reward will be our freedom and the freedom of our children…of our nations…of our world. The slavers tried to take God out of our very life and beings but they did not succeed. We are stronger because we stood up to Satan and said “enough” to him and his minions. Life will be the way God wanted us to have and yes, the best is yet to come.

Strap on your Armor of God and keep moving forward. We have won and so many more sheep have awakened. Stay alert…stay prepared…stay united. The enemy can no longer have any power over us as long as we truly believe that God is empowering us to have “the best is yet to come” future. God bless you all. Love and perseverance to all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 12/14/22 Maryann Chambers on Telegram Post source:



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