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📺 THIS IS NOT OK! Wisconsin Teacher Berates Student For Not Wearing Mask - "You're a Jerk!"

This video is shocking enough - it really doesn't need any commentary. If, by now, you haven't figured out that our schools are a disaster, you're clueless and ill-informed.

Don't get me wrong - this woman is out of line, abusive and should be fired, immediately. No amount of world craziness or lies excuse her language or tone. Additionally, if she's so concerned about her health, she may want to try losing some weight.

But that aside, 90% of the blame here lies with the corrupt, treasonous mainstream media that has caused this PLAN-Demic to make normal people lose their minds. The gaslighting, the shaming, the lies, manipulation and contradictions of truth have made us all ready to snap. When this is all over, each and every member of the mainstream media, who are complicit in every death, illness, injury and suicide needs to be brought up on charges of treason and crimes against humanity. PERIOD.


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