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This is what 80 million voters looks like??

Looks like ALL of Biden's supporters showed up

Let me get this straight....

A "virtual inauguration" announced in November, due to "COVID" concerns.

Apparently the "peaceful transition of power" does not garner the same mask and freedom of assembly exceptions granted to the ANTIFA/BLM "activists" that rioted, killed, assaulted, looted and burned America's largest cities all summer.

- December 16th: Details of Biden's $7.5mm private contract released by press. Biden retained Checkmate, a division of Showcall Event Services. Highly fortified barriers, vehicle deterrents, armed security among items in the contract.

- Jan 7th: Transition team announces "scaled back, virtual" inauguration due to "threats from insurgent domestic terrorists" in wake of Capitol hill protests. They did not even bother to "Purge" the original announcements from the internet. A quick Google search will show the plans were widely announced 6 weeks ago.

- Jan 9th: 5,000 Armed National Guard troops begin occupying DC.

- Jan 10th: Downtown DC parking garages are sealed. Residents are instructed to make alternative arrangements for transportation

- Jan 11th: Troop forces in DC swell to 15,000. Vehicle-proof barricades seal Capitol Hill from public access.

The scene in 2017 an hour before Trump's inauguration

- Jan 18th: Troop forces increased to 25,000 in DC. "Green Zone" perimeter established. Armed soldiers guard every building within the green zone.

- Jan 19th: 200,000 flags setup in place of American citizens on the National Mall. The "Field of Flags" has an eerie similarity to the Nazi "Cathedral of Lights" in 1930's Nuremberg

All of this for the "most popular Presidential candidate" of all time?


Inaugural Committee = EPIC FAIL


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