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Trump administration anti-trafficking office had ‘incredible impact’

OAN Newsroom UPDATED 8:20 AM PT

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The founder of a non-profit praised the Trump administration’s endeavors against human trafficking. In an interview on Friday, SHAREtogether founder Jaco Booyens said President Trump’s anti-trafficking office had an “incredible impact.”

Booyens remarked that no former president had ever created an office to specifically combat sex trafficking. He credited the “tremendous rise in apprehension” and “rescue of victims” by police to President Trump’s appropriation of funds and task forces.

Booyens argued work against trafficking is so important as children are our future.

“There’s major foul play, and unfortunately the ticket of trade is our children, I’ll go as far, it’s our future. Cause they are our future,” Booyens stated. “I mean why are we doing what we’re doing? You, me, it’s for our kids, it’s for America.”

Booyens said it’s unclear whether the strong support for law enforcement against human trafficking will continue under the Biden administration.



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