📺 Trump Asks NV Rally Crowd About the 'Q Song'

October 8, 2022

Other than wearing a Q t-shirt, how much more do people need to see from Trump to acknowledge the message?

He took five minutes out of a speech to highlight the song, “Where We Go One We Go All.” He polled the audience about it!


Because Trump is now openly telling the world that Q is real.

He re-Truths Q posts by the dozens and it happens regularly.  His intent is very obvious from the content of he selects.

He’s playing Q music during the most serious part of his rally speeches. And now, he’s taking a poll about “WWG1WGA.”

He’s doing everything but saying the words. He can’t do that yet.

It’s not a message for the sleepers - yet. They wouldn’t be expected to get the reference.

Rather, it’s an acknowledgment to the Anons and a nod of truth to the Q-doubters and to folks that may have lost faith in the plan.

He’s practically screaming it without saying anything.

Two VERY Significant Events Took Place Tonight:

1) President Trump started the rally by walking out on stage and giving a very overt Military salute (perfectly framed with a glowing American flag in the background). I’ve personally never seen him enter a rally that way.

I believe He’s reminding you that he’s the Commander in Chief. He’s telling you that it’s all going to be public very soon. I believe he’s telling you that The Military is about to make itself known to the masses.

2) He finished the rally by taking a poll about the song “Where We Go One We Go All.”  He just drew all eyes to THE TRUTH, which is that ‘Q,’ the Plan, the comms, the Military, Devolution, DECLAS, Justice, and a restored Republic….it’s ALL REAL.

President Trump is telling us all to believe, to have faith and to be ready, because ITS ALL HAPPENING.

The White Hats have to make a massive PUBLIC move before Election Day.  I believe everyone is going to see the start of the “public” events before then.  The ones we have all been waiting for.

Justice. Vindication.

Buckle up.