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🎥 Trump Knew Putin Would Uproot DNC Corruption in Ukraine - Proof of the Alliance

June 22, 2022 | Clandestine on SubStack

Holy shit… Trump knew Putin was going to move into Ukraine years ahead of time… Trump and Putin 100% have an alliance.

Let’s look back on this wild exchange from 09/25/2019. It’s making a lot more sense as to what Trump was talking about 2 years ago pertaining to the “corruption” in Ukraine.

Pay attention to Zelensky’s body language while Trump talks about Putin “solving Ukraine’s problem”, in reference to the deep state and DNC corruption in Ukraine.

Zelensky looks like he’s seen a ghost. If you watch the whole interview, he is squirming the ENTIRE time. Very uncomfortable display of body language. It’s so obvious, even the MSM widely reported on how awkward it was.

Now that we know Zelensky was engaged in covering up Ukrainian State involvement in the Deep State biolabs, (see decree to burn Metabiota State docs), we can understand WHY he looked petrified.

Trump was sending Zelensky a message. Trump was THREATENING Zelensky, when he said he and Putin “should get together”.

He knew.




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