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Trump Rips ‘Illegitimate’ Biden as Afghanistan Collapses: “It’s Time For Him to Resign in Disgrace"

Trump hammered ‘illegitimate’ Joe Biden on Sunday in a series of statements as Afghanistan fell to Taliban.

“What Joe Biden Has Done with Afghanistan Is Legendary,” Trump said in his first statement Sunday. “It will go down as one of the greatest defeats in history.”

Trump also said it’s time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace.

“…He wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!” Trump added.

Full statement:

The Taliban seized US weapons, munitions and military equipment such as armored tanks and military vehicles before taking over Afghanistan.

The US is currently evacuating the country.

Instead of addressing the American people or meeting in the Situation Room with US Generals, Joe Biden is all alone in an empty room miles away looking confused.

It’s amateur hour with the Tik-Tokers in the Biden White House.

They outed the sitting chiefs at Doha Station and the CIA in the photo:


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