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Trump's "Announcement:" All Assets Deployed

November 16, 2022

For the second time in as many weeks, I find myself in the unenviable—though hardly unexpected—position of penning a piece in the midst of somewhat contentious times in the MAGA and America First community.

Last week, many of us feel that we witnessed yet another highly-public and utterly obvious voter fraud campaign deprive the American people of some of their most favored candidates that might stand a chance of stemming the political and administrative bleeding that has resulted from the occupation of the White House by the Biden Administration.

Additionally, as I explored at length in a recent piece detailing the Narrative Mastery of one Donald J. Trump, we witnessed the baited and then actualized ‘turn’ of Con Inc. and a good portion of the ‘Alternative Right—conveniently, they just so happened to be the portion who retained immense influence and engagement on the most notorious Globalist censorious platforms going during the height of Big Tech’s collective crackdown against sovereign thought—on the heart and soul of the America First movement.

I argued then, before the actualization of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago speech just as I will argue today, in its immediate aftermath that this ‘turn’ from ‘Conservative’ personalities and would-be thought leaders is not only to be expected, but to be welcomed, for any chance we have to clearly and confidently draw a line between the truth of the America First movement and those who would attempt to wear it like a skin suit en route to riding a more controllable candidate into the halls of American power should be taken without hesitation.

Every time.

So, then. Why is the mood so dour today, in the immediate wake of Donald Trump officially announcing his candidacy for the 2024 Presidential Election?

Before I get into the meat of my argument, allow me to drop all pretense and disavow you of any notion that I consider negative emotions or frustrations on account of the position we find ourselves in today to be without merit. That said, while I would certainly like to be celebrating the aftermath of a crushing Red Wave that soundly overwhelmed [their] systems of fraud en route to taking Congress as an appetizer to Trump’s coup de grâce announcement, I do not believe anything we have witnessed in the last 24 hours, or even the last week has fundamentally altered the overall trajectory of our movement.

What we are dealing with here, on an emotional level is simply a case of the expectation game rearing its ugly head. It’s a serpent that has bitten us all, which, rather than wearing as a mark of shame we should consider the scars of perceptive, engaged and discerning minds. Minds that hunt in the deep places and scour the dark so that we might cast a bit more light on the proceedings and take back the past, present and future Globalist forces would seek to deprive us of.

There will always be claims of goalpost moving or hopium, which some of us refer to as the ‘Doomer’s Refrain,’ but the fact remains that we are currently involved in and engaged with the most complex Fifth-Generation Psychological and Information War ever waged both against AND for the American people, and the people of the would-be sovereign world, for that matter.

It stands to reason that much is obscured from us, just as it stands to reason that ‘assets’ in every sense of the word will be activated when the collective and subversive enemy believes it is an opportune time to strike at the heart of a MAGA base they see as fracturing.

The thing is, MAGA only fractures if we allow it to, and while the roaches are coming out of the woodwork over the course of the last week, it has been said that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and that exposure and disclosure must come before justice.

In the words of the immortal Sun Tzu, whom Donald J. Trump is a professed and ardent student of, sometimes you must appear weak when you are strong, and then ‘fall like a thunderbolt’ when your enemy least expects it.

With all of the expected and unexpected turns you have witnessed—and will continue to witness—against Trump and his agenda—our agenda—in the coming days, weeks and months, do you really believe The Master himself has been caught unawares just because some of his supporters have been? Did you expect Trump to perform an audit of the 2022 Midterm Elections on stage at Mar-a-Lago in front of a highly-partisan audience the very Media Industrial Complex that has been tearing at him for the better part of eight years has already branded as election-denying extremists? Did you expect him to announce the imminent arrest of the sitting ‘President’ currently occupying the oval office, or whichever green screen they’re using in its place for his latest pre-recorded, gaffe-filled mumble rant?

There are many claims advanced within the Truth Community because many things have been hidden from us and many questions remain—will always remain—regarding our history and our fate. But we must also seek to apply resolute, determined discernment and realism to our projections and stable, steady reflection to the events and narratives that are weaponized against us.

So, then. What do I think the ‘point’ of Trump’s ‘massive’ announcement was?

The same thing I thought it would be going into it: a dual opportunity to both separate the MAGA and America First wheat from the Con Inc., controlled opposition chaff, while also serving to undercut any potential political move being entertained by other influential figures either earnestly or subversively gathering directed political energy from the Conservative base in an attempt to sweep said base out from under Trump’s leadership and stewardship.

In short, this announcement was projected by Kash Patel and other close allies to the former—and current, to many of us—leader of this nation to light the media world on fire. And that’s exactly what it has done. Not because it was unexpected. But because Con Inc. and the ‘DeSantis over Trump’ crowd are going to smell blood in the water from a somewhat demoralized and depressed MAGA base and will seize the opportunity to turn hairline fractures into breaks and chasms through which they can foment their discord, turning our movement into an archipelago of intra-faction wars while our enemies cackle in back rooms while drawing up the next electoral maps they’ll use to subvert our votes the next time around.

You see, in a war that is named for Information itself, knowing who is whom and what is what IS the war itself. And after November, 2022 wraps up, I believe we’ll be looking at a game board that, while admittedly chaotic and contentious all the way around, resolves as significantly-less obscured than it was before.

We all have an opportunity, now, to embrace the challenge before us and before our chosen leaders—from Trump to his allies and even to those you choose to engage with on an intellectual level as we attempt to parse everything from overt political and kinetic events to projected ones—or to follow those who would advance the same divisive, defeating and directed rhetoric the Media Industrial Complex has been vomiting all along.

As for the speech itself, there might not have been any massive BOOMs, but there were a few tantalizing and encouraging tidbits:

“The voting will be much, much different in 2024,” Trump said to a rather somber audience after he had warned them that things will get “much worse [before people] see clearly,” which in itself aligns closely with many of the ‘precipice’ theories myself and others have posited for several years now.

While Trump’s encouragement regarding the sanctity and practical purpose of the 2024 vote may seem like small consolation in light of the aforementioned fraud most of us believe we witnessed last week and in 2020, if you do believe we are in a Continuity of Government plan for a reason, surely an aspect of that reason is to provoke an awakening among the reachable middle of American society—those who have not yet joined our awakened or awakening ranks.

Trump suggested in his address that said minds were not yet ready to turn fully on the Globalist masters they believe have their best interests at heart, and the System of Systems they use to subjugate rather than lead.

After all, what are we trying to do in this America First movement, if not restore our nation to the greatness inherent and implied in its founding? And if we are to do so, do we not need the mandate of a great majority of our fellows, frustrating as it can be to be dragged along, kicking and screaming with those somewhat willfully giving in to the liar’s sleep?

From the Fiat Central Banking System led by the Federal Reserve criminal empire to the international cabal of Globalist ‘planners’ to the very election systems that feature so prominently in the American zeitgeist now, it all needs to come down in order to lead us into a brighter and more sovereign future, and while our movement licks its proverbial wounds, the planned—in my view—exposure of said systems continues unabated before the eyes of an increasingly-weary and increasingly-wary citizenry, one whose growing discomfort can only result in growing awareness of the true collective enemy that stands before us all.

And as for those screaming at the top of their lungs that somehow, Trump announcing his candidacy for 2024 somehow concedes 2020 or disproves the entire concept of Devolution in itself, or the prospect that we are in the midst of it today, I would highly suggest you take another read through Jon Herold’s series, and do so with this framework in mind:

Devolution is not meant to take our country BACK from those who have subverted it; it is meant to protect red-line National Security functions so that we HAVE a country to take back when this painful, entirely necessary exposure operation regarding the System of Systems and the subversive enemy of humanity plays out … however long it takes.

For reasons that should be obvious, this exposure cannot happen with Trump and America First candidates in primary positions of public power, or the failings of these Systems will be shouldered by them, and by extension, us. The transition from [their] systems to ours will not be without pain and chaos, but this transition is necessary.



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