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Trump Was Right About Everything | Opinion

March 17, 2022


ON 3/16/22 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Who would have guessed? Donald J. Trump was right about everything.

When my father wrote his book Our Journey Together last year, we looked back on how much he accomplished and how right he was when it came to just about everything.

From intelligence agencies spying on his campaign, to Hunter Biden's laptop being real, to COVID-19 very likely coming from a Chinese lab, he got so many things right that the media got wrong.

Most importantly, he was right on all of the biggest issues facing America today. While Joe Biden flounders on Russia, on gas prices, on the economy and on the world stage at large, remember that the Trump administration showed America, and indeed the world, how to deal with threats.

Let's start with Russia. There is no other issue that exposes just how insane the media's coverage of President Trump was than Russia. Democrats dragged America through years of a ridiculous Russia hoax in an effort to destroy his presidency. Not only was the "collusion" lie totally debunked, but Trump was tougher on Russia than any president since the end of the Cold War. There is a reason Vladimir Putin didn't invade other nations during the Trump presidency—he saw real leadership in Trump's White House.

The current administration has been unwilling to confront reality. It was President Trump's administration that sent Javelins and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to aid its defense against Russia after President Obama sent blankets. Donald Trump also understood that for alliances like NATO to work, everyone has to pay their fair share. He worked hard to push other NATO allies to pay up and succeeded.

And yet, Trump didn't get us into any stupid wars or entanglements with Russia either. He understood that peace comes through strength and smart deal making, not through weakness and incompetence like what we've seen from Biden. America First meant focusing on our issues, not trying to solve all the problems of the world.

The Trump administration also got gas and oil right. It understood the vital importance of American energy independence, supporting the Keystone pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline. Trump made the United States the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world and supported new drilling projects in Alaska and throughout the country.

Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline on day one. His energy policies are absolutely horrendous, and they directly result in higher prices for every consumer. He's culpable for today's historic inflation.

President Trump also understood the world better than Joe Biden. He knows how to deal with leaders such as China's President Xi Jinping. He wasn't afraid to levy tariffs on Chinese goods in order to force Beijing to agree to a new trade deal, which was successfully completed in 2020. Trump understood that Xi was smart and wanted the best for China, just as he wanted the best for America. He knew how to deal with the Chinese leader, unlike bumbling Joe Biden.

China, of course, fell way short of its obligations in that deal since Joe Biden came into office, because it knows it's dealing with a truly weak president. And President Biden's weakness on Ukraine all but guarantees that Taiwan is next.

Guess who knew how to handle the Middle East? It sure isn't any of the current comedians in the White House. The recent oil price spike has increased the world's reliance on Gulf nations Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. But they won't even take America's calls anymore.

As president, Trump pulled us out of the weak Iran deal and created the Abraham Accords, with new alliances forming between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain—the first new peace deal between Israel and its Middle Eastern neighbors in decades! Did I mention he crushed ISIS too?

President Biden worked hard to undo everything Trump did to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East, and now these countries laugh at us. Since Biden took office, he has alienated both Israel and our Gulf allies, appeased the Iranians' nuclear ambitions and sowed new instability across the region.

Great job, Joe.

My dad was right about the world, and if Biden wasn't working so hard to destroy his progress, the world would be a safer and more secure place right now. Biden's failures are tragic for our nation and for the whole world. Next time we go to the ballot box, let's not forget what weak, corrupt Democrats like Biden do to America when they get power.

And when in doubt, just remember that Trump was right about everything.

Donald Trump Jr. is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization and a co-founder of Winning Team Publishing. President Trump's latest book can be purchased from Winning Team Publishing at

SOURCE: Newsweek

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