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TRUTH SOCIAL Web Platform Now Live - Join Us!

May 18, 2022

President Donald Trump’s social network has arrived on the web.

Truth Social launched the web app version of the social network, which will allow users to access the website on their computers.

The app was previously only accessible on the Apple App Store.

The launch of the app arrives two weeks before the “originally anticipated May 31 target date,” according to a Wednesday press release from Trump Media & Technology Group.

“End of May, we will launch PWA (Web Browser) this will allow access from any device,” CEO Devin Nunes wrote in a May 2 post on the platform. “After that, we will launch an Android App … pending approval from Google!” It is unclear when the Android app will be accessible, although Android users can access Truth Social through the web app in the meantime.

Trump favors Truth Social over all other competitors and will even if Elon Musk follows through with his promise to reinstate his account upon acquiring Twitter, the former president announced in a Monday securities filing.

Trump Media & Technology Group also announced other expansion plans, including offerings of “non-woke” entertainment via TMTG+, a Netflix competitor that will be “the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content.”

Truth Social saw roughly 6 million visits in its first week after its February launch Its waitlist was finally cleared in April. Musk’s plans to acquire Twitter allegedly increased interest in the new app, sending it to the top of Apple’s App Store downloads on April 27.


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