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Truth vs Narrative: There Are No 'Killer Chinese Balloons' Coming to Get Us

February 4, 2023

The following article is based solely on the writer's own personal research and opinions.

I hope that most of the readers that have found their way to this post understand that in reality there are no "Chinese Spy Balloons"

.... right?

I believe this to be not only true, but obvious. This is nothing more than a White Hat Operation. It is part of the show, the "movie" as we say, being used to wake up the normies.

How, you might ask? Well, let's take a quick trip down Critical Thinking Road by asking some very basic analytical questions. More often than not, when we slow down and think through the stories we're being fed, the holes in the narrative appear very quickly.

1) For starters, have you been previously following Q and/or the ongoing worldwide Military operations? If not, thats ok, more will be explained below. However, if you are a follower, then you already know that China is one our military allies. They are certainly not "spying" or doing anything to "attack" us. But, regardless of your belief in the "Q Narrative" that President Xi is on our team, what follows should still spark enough alternative analysis and critical thought to for anyone to determine their own truth about this very bizarre new development.

2) Let's take a look at the story at face value. Does the public/mainstream situation narrative honestly pass the smell test? Does it make sense? When you poke a few holes into it with probing questions, does it float or sink like the Titanic? Let's look a little bit closer:

  • If there really WAS a Chinese spy balloon in our airspace, would it really have a chance to make it anywhere near the territorial coastline without it being obliterated by a missile? Would it float on in to our sovereign territory without being shot down within the 12 miles of coastal waters that constitute United States territory without a scratch?

  • Would this balloon then continue floating onward and make it over 1,500 miles inland, all the way to Montana, at a visible altitude, without anyone noticing or taking action?

  • Wouldn't it be more likely that civilians would only find out about this balloon AFTER the military had turned it into dust out over the ocean?

  • Would military leaders sit on their hands and allow it to float across the nation, while allowing ample time for it to deploy an EMP, Nuke or Bioweapon at will?

  • You MIGHT say, “well, yes, they WOULD allow it to reach us because Biden is compromised and the Chinese own him and because they want to kill all of us”……. Sorry folks, but NO. While all of those statements ARE, in fact true, they also don't pass the smell test:

    • Do you seriously think that the worlds largest, wealthiest criminal cartel (with access to technologies we can’t even fathom), would choose to SLOW-FLOAT A BALLOON THAT’S VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE over the United States as a means of attack?

    • Do you think they would want to give the public and the media DAYS to watch, document, discuss and analyze the vehicle that could ultimately deliver their own demise? What did Bush & Cheney use against us on 9/11? Hot air balloons or precision guided missiles? And that was 22 years ago. Military-grade weapons technology has advanced exponentially since then. It's safe to say that if the world controllers were going to drop a nuke or EMP on us, they likely wouldn't choose to use a low-speed, low-atmosphere Blimp to deliver the payload.

  • But let's pretend that Biden, Inc. WAS “allowing” it to happen because the “administration is compromised by the Chinese.” Do you really believe the Pentagon would provide no actionable answers about shooting it down with any sense of urgency? Do you think this would be their best course of action from a PR standpoint? Would they purposely choose to make themselves look incompetent, so when a nuke drops on Atlanta the whole Country knows EXACTLY who to blame for incompetence?

If we know one thing about the Global Cartel, they're DAMN good at lying. If they were truly in control and planning something nefarious, they would have deployed their assets in the FBI, Big Tech and the Mockingbird Mainstream Media before anyone so much as posted a picture to Instagram. That 'Chinese spy balloon' would have become the Goodyear Blimp by lunchtime and there wouldn't be a thing anyone could do convince the public otherwise. [See also: JFK, The Moon Landing, 9/11 and most recently, COVID-19]. Those who didn't believe this was possible before certainly do now, after the exposures in the Twitter Files.

Sorry folks, even a very stupid group of criminals wouldn’t go about it this way. If this "plan" sounds REALLY dumb to you and I, then we can be pretty confident that the world’s wealthiest criminals, the ones with access to unknown technologies, would come up with something that a Farmer in Iowa couldn’t capture on his iPhone.

And as a quick side note - I am not even going to address the narrative floated by some in the truther community that this is really a cover story for a "Deep State" asset. Everyone reading this well knows that the Deep State has been watching our wives sunbathe via satellite for decades. They have possessed EMP's and worse for decades. They don't need a balloon in 2023 to hurt or spy on us.

3) So, if the scenario laid out in #2 above doesn’t resonate with you, then perhaps a different version of reality might make more sense. One which focuses around the notion that the White Hats are running propaganda operations to prepare the public at large for a much bigger disclosure of hard truths to come.

Let's ask some more questions:

  • What major narrative has been put out by the likes of Q, Trump, Gen. Flynn, Kash Patel, the Alt Media, AND the mainstream media over the last 6-9 months? ANSWER: That World War III is coming quickly.

  • What happens when people can’t hear something? You turn up the volume.

  • How do you introduce a “Scare Event” into a jaded populous, that doesn’t seem to be phased by anything in the news lately? How do you do it without actually launching a real missile, blowing up a building and hurting innocent people in the process? ANSWER: The same way the Mockingbird Media has done so for decades - with highly visible, sensationalized images that get people’s attention. “UFO”s have been so ingrained into the public’s minds that anything of the sort will get headlines.

  • How do you maximize the impact of anything? ANSWER: Repetition - a blip in the sky or a passing plane wouldn’t do much. A slow-moving, hovering object that people can see out their windows? Well, now, THAT is something the media can run with. And with the media under white hat control, they can make it the top story - and they HAVE. Show the video, tell the story, rinse and repeat until the people are fearful, paying attention and discussing it everywhere.

  • So now you have the normies’ attention and convinced them of the narrative that a “potentially deadly” Chinese Spy balloon that has “invaded” our airspace. People might be a little freaked out, but they certainly know that our military will shoot down anything that comes near us......right? ......UNTIL THEY DON’T…. And NOWWW the normies on BOTH sides of the aisle are saying the same thing: “WHAT THE F*CK is the Government doing? Or better yet, “WHY THE F*CK is the government NOT doing anything!?”

  • The result? ANOTHER wake up moment for the normies to see JUST how “insanely incompetent” and “compromised” the current “administration” is. Anyone who spent a few minutes on social media today would have seen even some of the most prominent LIBERAL hacks asking WTF is going on. Many even went as far as to (gasp) say that “if Trump was President, that thing would have been shot down in a second.” Because, as people are waking up, even the haters have to admit that statement is true, regardless of the severity of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. The response was united and universal: WTF!? JUST SHOOT THE DAMN THING DOWN!

  • But since this is the mother of all Psy-ops, it gets better. How can you incite the normies even more? How can you very quickly instill fear and sow lack of confidence in their own protection? ANSWER: Bring on Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier General Pat Ryder: ”So as I mentioned, we’ll continue to monitor it. Right now, we assess that it’ll probably be over the United States for a few days, but we’ll continue to monitor — review our options and keep you updated as we can,” Ryder said at a press briefing while responding to a media query….. WOW, just....WOW!

  • GAME, SET, MATCH…. Again, there wasn’t a single person (not on the CIA media payroll) that didn’t lose their s*it when they heard this. The comments, memes and rants across social media have been nothing short of legendary. The monologues have been epic. And the normies are getting a GIANT wake up call that something is VERY VERY wrong. "Are they really that dumb? Is Biden really owned by China? How did this happen? How COULD this happen? Maybe I need to start paying attention more?"

  • Mission accomplished - the volume has just been turned up another notch and suddenly, the people HAVE no choice but to listen. Using the narrative that the White Hats have created, they're quickly learning that their lives may very well depend on it.

Now, you tell me - after reading #2 and #3 - which narrative does YOUR gut believe is the more likely one?

I know my choice.

You are watching a movie.

And I know the "volume" from the White Hats will continue to increase exponentially in the coming weeks and months.

You can count on it. It is time for America to wake up.

You can choose to be scared or you can choose sit back and ENJOY THE SHOW 🍿🍿🍿.

Because NOTHING Can Stop What Is Coming.


🇺🇸 🟨 🇺🇸


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