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Turns Out, I Wasn’t the Crazy One After All

Did you wake up one day and just think, “I guess I’m just different.” Maybe I wasn’t meant to (insert date, marry, love or care for) anyone in this life. Let’s face it, I’m just not that cool.

If you’re currently between 15 and 40 years old, chances are you’ve had this internal conversation in recent years.

Now, when I say different, I mean I blend daily seamlessly with the rest of society. I may hate all of them, but I only reveal that to a handful of people. Piss anyone off unnecessarily? AWoman help me! Not if I can avoid it.

Prople are likely to refer to me as quiet, reserved and pensive, with regular low-level freak outs and occasional beginner‘s depression. I occasionally get called crazy. But it’s the kind of crazy where you immediately follow up with “but who isn’t these days.”

Normal Crazy.

But am I?

Honestly, I’m not that smart. I was an average student and if they didn’t invent an iPhone with a non-biased search engine, I’d be lost in life.

Im never getting a PhD, but I am observant. Almost to a fault. My damn head absorbs so much random information that I forget what I’m doing sitting on the toilet most days. I hear every annoying bar and office conversation that I can’t tune out. I always ask why?

Indont mean Steve Jobs type of why. I mean the back of the hand type of why. The kid that just mever knew when to stop running his mouth kind of “why.”

But this past year everything changed. Everywhere and for everyone. I’m alive, I think I have my (relative) health and I’m still 60 days from foreclosure. Millions around the world have fared far worse. Thousands have died. I am blessed.

I realize by fortunes only now. When so many around me are living in a false reality. But it wasn’t always this way.

For years things havent been right. If you’re the mildly recluse type that asks “why?”, then this hasn’t been your decade.

Millions of years of evolution was erased by leftist propaganda. In a fraction of my earthly existence, DNA was eliminated by fake news.

The common influenza was weaponized to destroy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness without a single bullet ever fired.

Collective apathy and ignorance of law and history doomed the most powerful and free republic the world has ever known.

Basic high school level statistics were used to exploit a population that doesnt understand basic math.

Families, Marraiges and friendships were severed because of a false, manulative and as far as I’m concerned, treasonous mainstream media.

And I saw all of it coming.

well, not all of it, but more than 95% of the population from what I can tell. And cer more than 99% of people in my fine Democrat-heavy urban center.

My home city destroyed me. It laughed at me, demeaned me, abused me and yes, labeled me as insane.

My behaviors changed. I socialized less often, drank more, slept less and had the final drops of socilizing sucked dry before Covid 2.

I lost friends, changed where I shoped, pre-planned dinner conversations. I even found myself agreeing with my liberal friends: “Oh yeah, I mean Bloomberg News isn’t as biased as CNN (no, but a damn close second).” “I can totally understand why someone might feel they can’t decide if they’re truly a female.”

I’m throwing up in my mouth as I type.

The sad reality is that I did and said these things to fit in. Yes, it sounds like a bad after school special, but it’s true. Anyone who understood the real Donald Trump will tell you the same. We knew none of this added up, but we were beaten into quiet submission. We kept our mouths shut for fear of offending friends or losing clients. We packed away our flags and hats, for fear of assault or property damage.

We got tired of fighting. We got tired of being called crazy. We got tired of being told that WE were the wrong ones.

Many of us thought that the bad guys had won this time.

Until one day this thing called “Q” found its way into our lives. We gave it a shot. Ran a few searches. Everyone already thought we were insane. What did we have to lose?

And then it happened. The red pill moment. This was no conspiracy theory. This was real. More real than anything we have seen in our collective lives.

Life suddenly had meaning. The fog gave way to clarity. The future suddenly looked very, very bright.

We weren’t the crazy ones after all.



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