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🎥Viral 1983 Interview: CIA Operative Explains How He Circulated Disinformation By Using Journalists

November 7, 2022

Remember that "crazy conspiracy" about "Operation Mockingbird"? The 'insane' notion that the CIA has been manipulating the mainstream media for decades?

Well, add it to the exploding list of conspiracies that have become truth in recent years.

You'll find this recently unearthed viral video is more relevant today than it was when it was originally recorded back in 1983.

Former CIA agent Frank Schnepp perfectly describes Operation Mockingbird - the process of laundering disinformation to the press in order to manipulate public opinion to believe government narratives:


Based on this testimony, the CIA would lie to journalists, float the same lie within their own agency and agencies in other countries so that journalists would corroborate it, and peddle false information through trusted media figures.

And if you think he's lying, consider that the U.S. government sued Schnepp all the way to the Supreme Court.

If you think that the CIA and your government suddenly stopped lying to you sometime in the last 40 years, you are hopelessly naive.


Credit: Clarion News

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