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WAKING UP? Majority Of Independents Call Trump Raid “Political” – Now More Motivated To Vote

August 13, 2022

The Biden Administration’s raid of Mar-A-Lago has turned voters against them.

A new poll found that 53.9% of independents view the raid as political.

The raid is also increasing independent voters’ likelihood to vote — 71.7% of independents now say they’re more enthusiastic to vote.

Democrat voters did not see the same increase in enthusiasm.

According to a new poll from Convention of States and Trafalgar Group, the majority of Independents, 53.9%, believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI Raid. They join 76.7% of Republicans who hold the same view. The two groups are also aligned on enthusiasm to vote based on the FBI raid. The spectacle increased the motivation to vote for 83.3% of Republicans and 71.7% of Independents.
Nearly three-quarters of Trump-Deranged Democrats believe the raid was the impartial justice system at work. The raid did not create as much enthusiasm to vote among Democrats, with only 55.2% saying it made a difference.
“Independent and Republican voters are united in their outrage about this unprecedented and tragic event in American history. It’s clear to voters that the FBI raid is designed to punish the primary political enemy of the regime in power,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States. “This gestapo-style injustice has created a voting surge that is so significant, the polling doesn’t even begin to reflect what is coming from grassroots voters in November,”

Trump also saw record fundraising after the raid of Mar-A-Lago.

Trump shattered all fundraising records after Joe Biden’s jackbooted thugs raided Mar-a-Lago on Monday. “Breaking: is shattering all fundraising records and I’m told has raised more money in the past 24 hours than ever before in recent history! The American people are pissed!” Eric Trump said in a post on Truth Social Tuesday night.

Are “independent” voters waking up?


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