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🎥 Warped, False Coverage of Columbus, OH Teen Could Be Final Blow for Media and BLM

Originally Published by Revolver.News

April 23, 2021

As the world awaited the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial Tuesday afternoon, the lying globalist Regime Media were already inciting the Black Lives Matter mob with a new hoax.

As the world awaited the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial Tuesday afternoon, the lying globalist Regime Media were already inciting the Black Lives Matter mob with a new hoax.

In Columbus, Ohio, a police officer saved a black teenage girl’s life by shooting another teenage assailant, Ma’Khia Bryant, who was assaulting her with a knife. This was the screenshot moments before the police officer discharged his weapon.

📽 Former police officer Brandon Tatum broke down what happened frame by frame:

The globalist Regime Media dove into this hoax headlong in order to reinforce their tenuous and outright false narratives about policing and race in America. Of course, they chose to full-throatedly endorse this hoax on the very day that the jury delivered its verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. But while the mob got the verdict they wanted — an incredible simultaneous 2nd degree murder, 3rd murder and manslaughter conviction — a recent poll suggests the American people are largely onto the media’s hoax behavior.

A March 2021 USA Today-Ipsos Poll revealed that only 36 percent of Americans believe George Floyd was “murdered” despite a full year of massive media and corporate propaganda.

If the Regime Media’s craven coverage of yesterday’s Columbus case is any indication, it is no wonder much of the American public no longer takes them seriously.

The word “knife” does not appear until paragraph eight. NPR only frames the assailant, 16 year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, as “holding” a knife, rather than charging at another teen with the lethal weapon.

A 16-year-old Black girl was fatally shot by an officer outside of her home after she called the police for help on Tuesday afternoon, according to her family.
The girl has been identified as Ma’Khia Bryant by her aunt, Hazel Bryant.
Bryant allegedly called officers at about 4:30 p.m. local time when a group of “older kids” threatened her with assault, her aunt told Ohio Statehouse News Bureau Reporter Andy Chow. She did not elaborate on the nature of the threat.
The Columbus Police Department could not say on Tuesday whether Bryant was the one to call for assistance before she was shot.
Bryant was taken to a local hospital in critical condition where she later died.
At a Tuesday night press conference, the Columbus Police Department released an edited version of the body camera video worn by the officer who shot Bryant. Police have not yet made public the name of that officer.
Interim Chief of Police Michael Woods told reporters the officer will be pulled off of patrol duty as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation looks into Tuesday’s shooting.
Columbus Police showed the video a second time in slow motion during Tuesday night’s news conference. Woods said the video shows Bryant holding a knife as she pushes two girls at the scene. He said police believe she is attempting to stab both girls during the fight. It’s unclear, based on the footage, at what point Bryant gets ahold of the knife. [NPR]

On Twitter, the manually curated Trending News Moment made no mention of the knife, the charging attacker, or the teen whose life was saved. Instead, the framing was a “teenage girl was fatally shot” and the officer “has been taken off the street while the criminal investigation is ongoing.”


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