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Mockingbird Media Caught AGAIN! Capitol Police Officer Sicknick Died of Natural Causes, 2 Days Later

April 19, 2021

Remember the "vicious murder?" Remember how the mainstream media managed to "scoop" the rest of the world and magically determine that Officer Sicknick was killed by "violent" Trump supporters using a fire extinguisher? Remember they ALL ran with the story before the scene was even cleared?

How on earth did they know?

THEY MADE IT UP! Haven't you figured this out by now? CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg, NPR, AP, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc etc etc....All of them are guilty of treason against the American People. Now FINALLY, the truth comes out. Not only was Sicknick NOT murdered, his death had nothing to do with the Capitol Hill Protests! He died TWO days later - from a STROKE!

Officer Sicknick Was Never Touched by Protesters

Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, the District Chief medical examiner ruled.

The autopsy found no evidence of external or internal injuries and Sicknick did not have an allergic reaction to any chemical irritants.

The mainstream media, with The New York Times leading the charge, lied about Sicknick’s death and falsely claimed he died from injuries suffered after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the Capitol riot on January 6.

The Gateway Pundit was first to report that Officer Sicknick may have died from a stroke.

A source told TGP reporter Cassandra Fairbanks Sicknick had a “medical emergency” (possibly a stroke) while on duty during the protest.

TGP was right and Big Media got caught in another lie.

The Washington Post reported:

Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes a day after he confronted rioters at the Jan. 6 insurrection, the District’s chief medical examiner has ruled. The ruling, released Monday, likely will make it difficult for prosecutors to pursue homicide charges in the officer’s death. Two men are accused of assaulting Sicknick by spraying a powerful chemical irritant at him during the siege.


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