WATCH 🎥 HUGE Rally Breaks Out in FL, Trump Does Drive-by, YouTube Censors It

February 15, 2021

Originally Posted 12:01pm EST

Updated 3:21pm EST

(West Palm Beach, FL) Thousands of proud citizens took to the streets across Florida Monday morning in celebration of our nation's true President. In a growing indication that the "MAGA" movement is only getting stronger, similar celebrations are reported across the Country this Presidents Day.

45 Heard about the spontaneous rally and sure enough, within the hour his motorcade made a rare public appearance so he could thank the Patriots for their incredible support:

🎥 WATCH: President Trump Appears to Greet The Crowd:

🎥 WATCH: Spontaneous Presidents Day Trump Rally Erupts in West Palm Beach

Likewise, the events are also a clear example of the two worlds that exist in America: The real world and the controlled, censored and frankly FAKE world that the Mainstream Media will allow you to see. Not 15 minutes after the Right Side Broadcasting Network's streaming feed went live, YouTube disabled the chat function on the broadcast. THIS IS NOT OK!!!

If you are still getting your news from the likes of Fox, CNN, the NY Times, AP, Twitter or Facebook, you are simply not informed anymore. That is not judgement, it is fact.