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🎥 What I'm Watching: Founder Patrick Byrne & Mel K on Deep State Exposure

September 15, 2021

Mel welcomes tech entrepreneur, author, producer philosopher and all around justice warrior Patrick Byrne. Patrick has seen much in his travels and has much to share about many things including but certainly not limited to wall street corruption, political intrigue and stolen elections. Join Mel & Patrick for this riveting conversation about deep state evils and how we save America through kindness, compassion and reconciliation. Thank you Patrick! God Wins!

Some of Patrick's endeavors include:

THE AMERICA PROJECT: Founded to advance freedom and preserve the American way of life.

THE DEEP RIG: How election fraud cost Donald J Trump the White House by a man who did not vote for him.

DEEP CAPTURE The truth about Wall Street, financial elites and the corruption of the media.

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