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While Media Fabricates Capitol 'Attack' Stories, ANTIFA Plans 'Chaos' Riots For March 6th

ANTIFA is planning another day of chaos and destruction. They’re calling it the “Autonomous Day of Action” and it’s scheduled for March 6th.

The video posted is an advertisement for the events on March 6th. The video calls on ANTIFA Worldwide to come together for a day to "create, destroy, and cause chaos".

TRENDING - Gateway Pundit: Judge Orders Election Do-Over after 78% of Mail-in Ballots Proved Fraudulent -- Notary Arrested

So they’re going to “create” and “destroy” at the same protest! Figure that one out.

The video features ANTIFA carrying out violent attacks against the police with a sound track that is repeating “lynch your leaders“.

The video was created by @FullAffinity, an ANTIFA Activist who has publicly voiced support for radical acts of violence in order to change the system.


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