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While The U.S. STILL occupies Iraq, going on 20 years, we’re condemning Russia for invading Ukraine

Thursday, March 24, 2022 by: S.D. Wells

The world is now seeing the true conspiracy theorists: the ones who believed that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center; the ones who believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when the Bush oil family went there to steal their oil and fund Dick Cheney’s military industrial complex, a.k.a. Haliburton; the ones who believed we needed to invade and occupy Afghanistan (for 20 years), while we steal their opium to make heroin-based painkillers for Americans, but we’re supposed to believe it was all about chasing down ONE GUY who supposedly lived near the Khyber pass, by the border of Pakistan, who used to work with the Central Intelligence Agency, who’s been dead for decade.

Where are all those “terrorists” now? There’s a new kind of “terrorist,” and it doesn’t talk or walk, but it can fly on planes. It’s the infectious disease created in a laboratory, and the deadly clot-shot “vaccines” to go with it, that clog blood and strain the heart. We have been invaded with biological warfare by our own leaders in government, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media.

Who are the conspiracy theorists? The ones who DON’T believe these “wars” were all well-planned out by billionaires who take our money, health and human rights away, not to mention our constitutional freedoms.

US borders are WIDE OPEN while we are supposed to be angry about Russia invading Ukraine

Meanwhile, the USA still occupies Iraq, and it’s going on 20 years. The question for the conspiracy theorists is this: Who are we to intervene in the Ukraine crisis? Why are so many Americans convinced to cheer for Ukraine, where the most evil political, medical and military criminals on planet Earth live and function right now? What ground do Americans have to stand on to tell Russia not to bully their neighboring oblast (province cluster)?

The Ukrainians are planning to castrate Russian soldiers they capture. Ukraine is the new Nazi Germany-style headquarters, but Americans are supposed to hate Russia more?

Currently, Mexico is invading the USA, at our wide-open border, along with any terrorists from anywhere who can just pretend to be Mexican or South American and walk right in.

Biden will even pay them to come in and to stay. Freedom for you is very “safe and effective” under the communists in Washington DC. Yet we’re supposed to whine about Russia invading Ukraine.

“Please, don’t hurt them, while we still occupy other countries in that region, and steal all of their resources.”

Medical terrorists are working hard to get everyone vaccinated for COVID, and the next lab-made-gain-of-function virus release will be blamed on Russia

It’s another fake news conspiracy, this Ukraine-sympathy bandwagon. The conspiracy theorists are hard at work running a distraction from the waning Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the wave of vaccine-induced deaths occurring. The mass media is running that full-on “Obama Hypnosis” garbage, like he’s hiding under the Biden mask.

The COVID booster shots and the next variant will likely be a mass-genocidal event blamed on Russia. The terrorists are medical terrorists and billionaires who want to control the whole world at once. There’s nobody flying planes into tall buildings, and there’s no war our politicians are interested in besides the ones for stealing resources and poisoning our own people.

The real war right now is the “War against Vaccines.” Will you fight to protect your health and life, right here on American soil? Know your rights. Do not get force-medicated. Protect your children.

This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News.

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