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🎥 Whistleblower Jailed For Exposing COVID Hoax

When Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan exposed the origin of the China virus, she confirmed with many have theorized from the very beginning. The COVID-19 virus was intentionally created by the Chinese communist party at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

As with so many things during the pandemic, many unanswered questions Remain.

Why did President Obama direct $3.9 million to the Wuhan Institute in 2015?

The city of Wuhan doesn’t compete for outsourced manufacturing like its siblings in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzho or Hong Kong. In fact, wouldn’t even sniff the top 25 list of common destinations for Westerners doing business in China. Traveling there would be the equivalent of flying to the US and skipping over New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago on your way to....Glasgow, Montana.

Why was this Wuhan whistleblower jailed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Making anything in a city there’s more than 500 miles from the nearest shipping port would be cost prohibitive. Proximity to transportation is a critical component in any supply chain. Local ground shipping to and from ports can often equal the freight fees to move a shipment from Hong Kong to Los Angeles by Container Ship. Because this directly impacts the manufacturing cost of a product, location is everything. Although the CCP has built thousands of miles of high-speed passenger railway, their post-agricultural infrastructure lacks the freight capacity that the US has. This network allows US manufacturers to make goods in landlocked cities.

Why did Obama send millions to Wuhan in 2015?

So it remains very curious that a US President would be compelled to send millions to Wuhan. Five years later, COVID-19 explodes into a pandemic that we are still fighting. Yet no one, from the media, private sector or our government has answered for President Obama’s suspicious investment.

This past summer, Ms. Zhan emerged as whistleblower with many credible ties to the Wuhan Institute. Most in the left wing media cartel didn’t even cover it. The ones that did quickly labeled her as a conspiracy theoris or defectors USA Today did a great job of labeling her an “associate” of Steve Bannon, as they quickly dismissed any claims without investigation.

The mainstream media has been complicit in perpetuating lies and covering up scandals for big tech in the Democratic Party. That much is certain. But more concerning is the fact that seemingly no one felt any need to connect the dots. In a day and age when everyone has the Internet in their hands, the left-wing cartel was still able to stop hundreds of millions of Americans from thinking for themselves. It sounds like a difficult task, but unfortunately it’s not when the audience has better things to do then ask questions. There’s really no need to worry about it because someone else to do it right?

But I suppose there’s no need to ask questions. The fact that Ms. Zhan was jailed by the CCP on January 4 is surely just a coincidence. At least that’s what we must believe, because that’s what we are told to believe. Don’t ask questions just wear your mask.

Could the American people make it any easier?


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