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Why is Trump Touting the COVID Vaccines? 🦠💉

Here’s a question:

Q. Who should have won the 2016 US Presidential Election

A. Trump

B. Hillary Clinton

Here’s another question..

Q. What would you prefer as WW3

A. Psychological warfare, coercion and the people using their own decision to get a “vaccine”, some being placebo, some a flu shot, some a clotshot

B. Global nuclear Armageddon

And one last question..

Q. Which will cause more death in the previous question

A The Covid jab

B A global nuclear war

It’s wise to remember that Trump forced the hand of the cabal as he knew the jab was already largely planned and formulated in 2018. This brave action destroyed the need for lockdowns, which were not supposed to end until late 2024, when the jabs would be released with a full FDA approval. With FDA approval, it would me much easier and legal (in many cases) to mandate it's use and kill millions. Instead, the "vaccines" were released under an Emergency Use Authorization (experimental), meaning it is illegal in ANY country to mandate under the laws of the Nuremberg Code.

Trump forced the cabal to end to the lockdowns and proceed under the Emergency Usage Act, again forcing big pharma to seek proper FDA approval of a the vaccines. Of course, given that over 20,000 people have already been killed by the vaccines, the FDA approval would never come. This is why the cabal came up with new "strains" - to keep the EUA in place and the people. living in fear. This entire chess move by Trump caused the cabal to greatly speed things up, so they made mistakes, and people started to wake up earlier, quicker and in greater numbers.

Yes, there are still people in the ‘truth movement’ who still can’t grasp why President Trump cannot just come out and tell everyone about the cabals Depopulation agenda with the vaccines.

They don’t seem to have the capacity to understand the game being played and just how significant optics are.

If Trump didn’t call their bluff and push the deep state into releasing their vax earlier, then we would of had 3-5 years+ of lockdowns before the jab (which would have been FDA approved so 100% mandated). Anyone who still can’t get their brain to understand this needs to research Rockefeller Lockstep and Event 201 before commenting on this subject again.

Did your mother not ask you as a child, if your friends jump off a cliff would you?

Nah President Trumps move was a master stroke. He saved 5-6 + billion lives by bullying the cabal into Operation Warp Speed. He is currently exposing their vaccine system, big pharma, the FDA, CDC, Corrupt Hospital networks and the government officials and mainstream media that are running cover for the whole system.

Yes, a huge amount of Americans are completely ignorant to the Cabal's true vaccine agenda. But, the most important thing Trump did was to make sure free will was attached to the vaxx choice and to promote the true treatments such as hydroxychloriquine, regeneron and ivermectin, which the cabal has feverishly tried to suppress.

President Trump ultimately lowered the death toll from the Cabal's desired 7.1 billion to a fraction of that amount.

This is war. There was always going to be casualties.

You will note that any time Trump speaks about the jab he:

A) Almost never refers to any of them by name

B) Reminds us that we have the freedom to decide what is best for us

C) Says that he saves "tens of millions" of lives worldwide -- this is not because the vaccines saved people from covid directly, but because without them, the depopulation agenda that the cabal hatched 10 years ago would have proceeded unchecked.

Optics are extremely important. Imagine that Trump spoke out AGAINST the vaccines? What would the mainstream media do? They would lose their minds, call for his arrest and work with their CIA and FBI counterparts to ensure he was eliminated.

President Trump made no one take any vaccine. The only people who took it are ignorant sheeple who do not care to do any kind of research and do not care about their own freedoms. They were ok with an experimental drug being forced onto humanity and didn’t question it.

Well let’s see how that all works out for them and their choices that put our entire species in danger.

Tough lessons have to be learned but there are no excuses for chosen ignorance in the age of information.

Trump is brilliantly executing the principles of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War."



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