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Why it Matters: Gutfeld Crowned ‘King of Late-Night’ as Ratings Topping Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon

September 3, 2022 Commentary, Story Follows Below

There’s so much we don’t know and can’t see. What's true and what's not? Who is in control? Do we trust in a "plan" we can't see?

I believe we CAN see the plan. No, we don't see DC Criminals being perp-walked, military tribunals or President Trump in the White House - the big "events" we expect to see happen one day. But in the meantime, there are many other signs that the efforts of the Q movement and the efforts of the Patriots are transforming and waking up America at an unprecedented pace. Gutfeld's rise to prominence is a perfect example.

This seismic shift in media habits of Americans in just 18 months is an undeniable signal that the message is reaching America. Gutfeld is showing America the true story of the Criminal Collusion and lies of the Globalist Governments, Media, Big Tech and Woke Corporations in a simple and logical manner that people with no understanding of the “truth” can see with their own eyes. He uses a brilliant mix of comedy, video evidence and common sense analysis that is relatable to the "average" viewer. And it’s working in a historic way.

Many of us simply denounce and condemn the corporate media, like Fox, for not coming out and telling the world the truth from Day 1. But that that approach wouldn’t have worked back then. Too many people were deeply brainwashed and closed off to alternative views.

It had to be done at a pace in keeping with the events of crime and corruption that the public have lived through during the last 18 months. The sleepers had to see it all for themselves and realize “something isn’t right” in order for their minds to be open enough to understand and accept the “lessons” that people like Gutfeld presents to their audiences. His rise to the top is undeniable proof that his formula is working. Even more remarkable - he's done it without ever having "celebrities" as guests. It just goes to show that people aren't interested in hearing about Gwen Stefani's Dog or what kind of dress Jennifer Aniston is wearing. It shows that most Americans are not as shallow and ignorant as our elite overlords would like to have us all believe.



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