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WOW! 🎥 Putin Continues to RAIL on US Media, BLM, False Narratives of Capitol Hill Protests

Russian President spoke with reporters after his less than four-hour summit with Joe Biden. The meeting with Biden was supposed to last 5 hours, it lasted less than four.

During his press conference following the bilateral meeting, ABC hack Rachel Scott asked Putin about how his political opponents turned up dead.

This was after Vladimir Putin ripped the Black Lives Matter movement for its massive path of destruction across the US following George Floyd’s death – something the liberal media lies about to this day. The Russian leader said he does not want that to happen in Russia!

Putin pointed out to Rachel Scott that hundreds of Americans today are sitting in jail without a fair trial – political opponents of the current regime. WATCH:

Putin also mentioned the shooting of veteran Ashli Babbitt in the US Capitol, although he did not mention her name.

Of course, Putin is right. And he appears to be more honest than the Pravda media we have here at home in the US.



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