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YouTube Bans Conservative Bryson Gray’s Hit Song “Let’s Go Brandon;” Will Ban Any Others With Song

It didn’t take long during his presidency before chants of “F**k Joe Biden,” and subsequently “Let’s Go Brandon,” had begun to sweep the nation. The phrases have become so popular that they have been enshrined in several popular songs and memes that should live on and mock the incompetent

Biden, and his memory when he is gone.

Well, unless Big Tech steps in.

And sure enough – right on schedule – YouTube has officially begun cracking down on accounts and creators who post content that includes the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon!”

The Google-owned video streaming platform has already issued several guideline strikes against creators in addition to demonetizing their content and banning the videos that included the F**k Joe Biden euphemism.

Most notably, conservative hip-hop artists Bryson Gray and Chandler Crump have had their popular songs removed from the platform entirely, according to the pair who posted screenshots of their bans on Twitter.

They were informed that their videos had “violated YouTube’s medical misinformation policies.”

The song had climbed all the way up to #2 on the Apple iTunes top charts in the US. The song had reached #7 on the worldwide list.

YouTube quickly responded to Grey’s initial tweet, saying that the removal and flagging may have been in “error” and that they were going to re-review their decision, but ultimately decided that the videos should stay banned for violating their “medical misinformation” policy.

In their final response on the matter, the platform ridiculously told him that if he wanted to “discuss similar topics in your content in the future, you’ll need to include sufficient countervailing context.”

They declined his appeal request “within 5 minutes.”

Keep in mind, it’s a RAP MUSIC VIDEO.

As Grey astutely points out, other artists are allowed to promote immoral and criminal behavior in their songs – like drugs, sex, gang activity, and murder – without any repercussions or demonization. Not to mention plenty of videos that call for or depict violence against President Trump that have been left alone by the platform.

YouTube didn’t just punish Gray and remove videos, they also issued 2 strikes and demonetized Chandler Crump’s (who is featured in the song with Gray) channel for posting the video. He is now banned from posting for a week and if he gets another strike his account will be permanently removed.

On Friday, Conservative pundit Dave Rubin also weighed in to sound the alarm about YouTube demonetizing and removing videos that include the saying “Let’s Go Brandon!,” pointing out that several people have come to him with their own stories about being removed from the platform after posting the content.

Here is the banned video in question – you can see why it was skyrocketing up the charts – KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BRYSON AND CHANDLER!! The culture needs more of what you do; not the satanic, demented crap that is pushed by the media elite.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

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