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$1 trillion infrastructure bill mandates drunk-driver detectors in new cars - for ALL DRIVERS!

A bipartisan 2,702-page bill has been locked for months to counter negotiations between democrats and Republicans. This $1 trillion infrastructure bill will mandate all new vehicles to carry the new technology to detect drunk drivers. This mandate also includes instructions for an alert system that checks the backseat before turning off the vehicle.

The sensors of this new technology will detect the eye movement of the driver and monitor any signs of distraction, impairment and tiredness. According to Bloomberg, this technology is similar to what the police officers use when pulling over suspected drunk drivers.

A Michigan Democrat, Debbie Dingell said, "We can't wait any longer to make our roads safer from drunk driving accidents." She went on to say, "The inclusion of my bill in the bipartisan infrastructure package will help incentivize the development and implementation of technology to stop drunk driving once and for all and save lives."

Another provision in the bill was released to combat accidental children's death due to being left in hot cars, called "door logic." With this alert, the driver will be vigilant enough to look at the backseat before leaving the vehicle.

Janette Fennell, president of Kids and Car Safety said that more than 1000 children have died in hot cars since 1990.

"The Senate version is only requesting a reminder system that does not detect anything," Fennell said. "It does not let you know if there is an actual child in the back seat."

Apart from this, the bill also includes mandates for automatic braking and crash avoidance systems along with rear guards for semitrailer trucks.

Majority leader Chuck Schumer further planned to push the bill into a vote before the monthlong break beginning from August 9. Furthermore, in the coming days, the infrastructure bill will prove a pivotal point for President Biden's economic agenda.


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