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🎥15,000 Children Detained, 18 Senators Visit Border

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

15,000 children currently in custody at the border and counting. Recent estimates show officials expect upwards of 250,000 migrants, per MONTH, in the coming year.

That means we are on pace to accept three MILLION migrants, this year alone. You have a place to put them? Money to take care of them? A job to give each of them?

The major problem we are facing is the relentless assault on truth that's been perpetuated by the left and the treasonous mainstream media that fuels their lies and manipulation.

The very fact that not EVERY headline on every station and in every newspaper, magazine and website across the country is not focused on the border is criminal and borderline treasonous.

How has this EVER been a "hot button" issue? As if there is any debate on the matter that doesn't breach basic common sense?


What human being, not born of EVIL could look at these pictures, read the reports, listen to the readily-accessible truth-tellers and even begin to argue that what we're doing at the border is correct?

Likewise, how could it be that our own members of Congress, led by the mainstream media could actually convince half the country that "walls don't work"??

Forget the party, forget who the government is forget what you think they represent, listen to what they're saying and then decide for yourself, stop listening to the mainstream media, stop listening to your family member chirping in your ears. Do your own research, reach your own conclusions, and the truth will prevail.


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