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🎥 Abandoned DC FED Building Now Fenced Off

April 24, 2022

The headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank is the latest DC Building to be abandoned:

For months, we have been showing videos proving that there has been virtually no one in the government buildings in Downtown DC. This has been the case since President Trump "left" office on January 20, 2021:

🎥 IRS Building, DC Federal Triangle Buildings Abandoned & Deserted On A Tuesday Afternoon

🎥 DC Abandoned: Richard Citizen Journalist Shows Government Buildings Still Empty and Closed Down

🎥 Citizen Journalist Reveals FBI, Many DC Government Buildings Are Deserted

🎥 Lights Out! There's No One at The White House, Enjoy The Show!

🎥 DC Rooftop Bar Counts Down Nightly 11pm White House Blackout

The current reality and truth is far stranger than fiction......

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