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🎥 America Must Process the Harsh Truth About The "Summer of Love"

June 22, 2022

The "Summer of Love" - no, not 1969 - we're referring to the summer of 2020. The worst Summer in America's post-Civil War History. Think we're exaggerating ? Don't remember it that way? Can you name a worse summer?


In our opinion - Among the top 5 truths that Americans MUST universally accept in order for society to heal is this truth about the summer of 2020. While most were distracted with lockdowns, masks, trying to save their businesses, families and mental health, Democratic State Officials colluded with ANTIFA, BLM, the Federal Government and the mainstream media to aid and abet the most destructive and violent period since the Civil War. For 97 straight days, over 3.1 BILLION dollars in damage was caused in dozens of major cities, setting many back for years to come, if not longer.

And what did the mainstream media do? They lied, deceived, manipulated and flat out ignored the truth. The most violent time in modern US history and most of the country barely knows about it. But a staged, FBI entrapment at the Capitol? Wall to wall coverage for the last 18 months. WAKE UP AMERICA!


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