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🗳 ANOTHER NY RIG JOB: Democrat Pat Ryan Defeats Conservative Marc Molinaro in Special Election

August 25, 2022 Commentary - News Story Follows Below:

Once again there are examples everywhere like this one that show when it counts, the election fraud system that stole the election from Donald Trump is virtually unchanged and very much intact.

The 19th congressional district in New York State is in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region of upstate New York. It is anything but a blue district. I’ve lived there, I have many friends that live there now. It is trump country. As of Monday, Molinaro was polling with a 12% lead, even by the leftist polls!

It’s laughable to think that this district would go blue after all this transpired over the last 18 months. But when it counts, a special election to replace an open congressional seat, we get another preview of what will happen if we get to November and the military is not stepped in to correct 2020.

I am not telling people not to vote. When there’s an election you go out and vote. But understand what you’re up against and be realistic about your expectations. We couldn’t stop the steal through traditional legal methods when the entire country was focused on one race, that being the presidency. In a midterm election, when people are mainly just watching their own local congressional and senatorial races, how are we supposed to stop 30 or 40 steals? It would be like playing a game of whack-a-mole.

If 81 million people couldn’t legally overturn one race, how are we going to mobilize and organize people to overturn potentially dozens of local congressional elections were a stolen seat might only have the attention of a couple hundred thousand people that it impacts?

Vote. But understand that the military is the only way. God help us all if they don’t show up. 🇺🇸


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