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As Expected, Propaganda States NY, CA, & IL Declare State of Emergency over “Monkeypox Crisis” 😂

August 2, 2022

Today, the “Big 3” Blue States, New York, California, and Illinois, all announced a State of Emergency to address the “Monkeypox Crisis”.

You’ll notice Newsome and CA are already mobilizing for mass vaccination, and trying to encourage the rest of the States to do the same. The vaccine and fear campaign is now in motion.

Soon, the remaining states with Dem governors, will likely declare a State of Emergency as well. The Red States probably won’t play along, but this won’t stop the DNC from trying to justify a National State of Emergency and lockdowns.

Is this based on science in any way? Of course not. It’s 100% political. 6,000 Monkeypox cases recorded in the US and not a single death on the books, yet the Blue States are going to use it to declare a State of Emergency. Why? I know it. You know it. They know it. They know we know it.

They don’t care. They are doing it to push for mail-in ballots so they can commit fraud... again.

Something important to note, even CNBC point out the peculiar fact that this Monkeypox outbreak of roughly 19,000 cases worldwide, is predominantly contained in Europe and North America. When historically, Monkeypox was only spread in West and Central Africa, and does not spread quickly.

Oddly, 31% of the cases worldwide are here in the US, and 98% of the cases worldwide are gay men.

If this is “Monkeypox” it’s not behaving like Monkeypox. It’s transmitting at a far higher rate and thriving in a vastly different climate. Meaning it has mutated, or far more likely, it has been MODIFIED.

And it only seems to be targeting NATO countries. The same NATO countries who have been accused by BRICS of creating biological weapons… And it happened to show up right on time when the US DNC Globalists need another “emergency” for the midterms… it’s so obvious they are practically spoon feeding it to us.

You’ll also notice CNBC admits Monkeypox is a member of the Smallpox family. If you recall, Bill Gates claimed another pandemic would be coming, specifically a Smallpox one. Here he is in November 2021 claiming there will be Smallpox bioterrorism attacks in the future.

What did Bill Gates know a year ago that we didn’t? How did Bill Gates know there would be Smallpox-like terror attacks? Given that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are implicated in the allegations from the Russian MIL pertaining to bioweapons production in Ukraine, I think we can all connect that dot.

The picture is becoming pretty clear here. The DNC Globalists made another bioweapon. They released it to justify mail-in voting for election fraud as well as to justify more vaccines for more kickbacks and funds. Their entire political survival now relies on pandemics and using them to take and maintain power, because they cannot win legitimately.

Thus we have reached a crossroads in humanity. Will the forces of good prevail? Or are we doomed to an eternity of pandemics every election cycle and genocidal maniacs continue to run the world?

Putin seems confident it’s the former.



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