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AZ Audit Missing the Identity of 86,391 Voters – They Don’t Appear to Exist and 73.8% Are Dem or Ind

September 27, 2021

The Arizona audit could not find an identity match on 86,391 people. This is disclosed on Page 56 of the “Results Details” report.

These Maricopa voters cast ballots in Nov 2020 and don’t seem to exist. The ones registered as Democrat or selected no party affiliation represent a whopping 73.8% of these unknown voters. That’s 63,757 ballots. Not selecting a party makes monitoring of nefarious registrations much harder as everything not R or D is bulked together as “Other”. Even the new State voter registration form now only has only 3 categories (R, D, Other) and some registration reporting reduced to similar.

Cyber Ninja’s used Melissa Personator which is arguably the best commercial service to validate U.S. or Canadian identities. It scours private and government databases including USPS and Social Security Administration. Cyber Ninja’s oddly concludes most of these “unknowns” might be real people that just have limited public records. Our name, DOB, SS#, and address are in every State and Fed database. If you can’t be found using these credentials, something is definitely wrong.

The Ninja’s didn’t consider Maricopa’s history, it’s registration battles, or issues with non-citizen voters. They make no consideration the database might have been manipulated but know it was hacked Nov. 5th 2020. Had the Senate subpoenaed Maricopa’s VRAS servers and tasked CyFIR to investigate, we might know a whole lot more.

In March 2017 the new Maricopa Recorder disclosed that tens of thousands of unprocessed voter registration forms were sitting in stacked boxes in their office. Helen Purcell (Republican) had been the Recorder up to this point and was replaced 2 months earlier by Democrat activist Adrian Fontes. These boxes were voter applicants who couldn’t provide proof of U.S. citizenship or identity. They were notified by mail to provide additional documentation and the forms had been held indefinitely.


Arizona’s Prop 200 was passed in 2004. To register to vote, citizens were now required to provide proof of U.S. citizenship and identity. Arizona changed its State registration form to accommodate the new law. Democrats resisted and started using the Federal Voter Registration Form, which doesn’t require proof of U.S. citizenship. In 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that AZ must accept this Federal Form. However, those voters would only receive ballots that list Federal candidates – President and Congress. These are classified as “Federal Only” voters in AZ. It’s bullshit. Democrats exclusively use the Fed Form in AZ to bypass citizenship and other ID issues.

After the 2018 election the Maricopa Board of Supervisors realized they had serious problems with elections and corruption. Their investigators found that all elections staff answered to County Recorder Fontes and the Board had no insight into elections. So in June of 2019 the Board added a second “Director of Elections” role. One Director now answers to the Supervisor Board, the other to the County Recorder. Fontes provided no resistance to the changes because he retained unaccountable control of VRAS, the voter registration system for Maricopa. These are the keys to the kingdom. Fontes then coordinated with Democrat SOS Katie Hobbs to process those boxes of non-citizen applications and get them into the AZ voter rolls.

From the 2018 midterm election to the Nov. 2020 election, Maricopa added a massive 340,676 new voter registrations. That’s a whopping 13.1% increase in just two years. The “Deputy Registrar” initiative created by Fontes gave 638 liberal volunteers access to VRAS and processing of registration forms.

NOTE: Any States concerned about elections should demand images of the registration servers be preserved for the date voter registration stops, the day of the election, and when ballot counting ends.


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