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Bannon Calls On Trump To Assemble ‘Shadow Government’ to Keep Biden ‘From Destroying the Country’

Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon is calling on Donald Trump to put together “a more formal body… what the British call a ‘shadow government’” to counter “this illegitimate regime from destroying the country as they spin out of control.”

Bannon’s explosive comments came during an episode on his War Roompodcast, where he tore into Joe Biden and his administration for repeated failures that have greatly damaged the country.

“I’m a big supporter of the [former] president coming in and being the Speaker of the House for at least 100 days after we have the sweeping victory in 2022 to start a formal impeachment process on Biden with real facts and real receipts because it’s not going to start until that time,” Bannon began.

“But I think something more important has to be done right now. You’ve heard about these meetings President Trump’s had with some of those former cabinet members up in Bedminster. But you’ve got Peter Navarro around; you got Steve Cortes around. You have other people,” he said.

“I think right now President Trump’s got to be putting together more of a formal body to work with him almost on a daily basis to start looking at and countering – we’ve got to stop – this illegitimate regime from destroying the country as they spin out of control – and quite frankly, spin off the stage,” he added.

“Because that’s what’s going to happen. They’re spinning off the stage on multiple deep crises: invasion of the Southern border, this economic plan, this embrace of modern monetary theory where they’re trying to add $6 trillion of debt,” Bannon declared.

“And remember, the debt ceiling is going to be a firestorm in September when they come back, just like right now, the vaccines at the schools. But I do think we need [what the] British call a shadow government, a government that you have – a government in the parliamentary system,” he added.

“You have a government, and you also have – and we’re not a parliamentary system – but you have a government that’s sitting there ready to jump in case elections are called in 30 days. I think a more formal – and I think you’re going to see this tonight. I think President Trump is already leaking in The Daily Mail. He’s sitting here going, ‘You need leadership in the White House today,'” Bannon continued.

“You need leadership. We’ve said for a long time, this is like the 1930s, and we are inexorably being drawn into a kinetic war. The Chinese Communist Party is already an information cyberwar with us, they’re at economic war with us,” he said.

Bannon concluded: “And now, as you see, they tighten their grip on the Eurasian landmass with their other criminal partners: the mullahs in Iran, now the Taliban, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan. You see them trying to control the Eurasian landmass. And now they got their eyes. The transnational criminal organization has its eyes on Taiwan.”



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