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🎥 BIDEN INC: Tucker Carlson Originals - Parts 1 & 2 - Complete Documentary

December 8, 2022

Embroiled in scandal and turmoil, Tucker Carlson probes the Biden family's string of alleged corruption and how the president amassed a family fortune from decades of public servitude during an exclusive two-part Fox Nation episode.

During the two-part "Tucker Carlson Originals" episode entitled ‘Biden, Inc.,’ Carlson dives into how the president and his family supposedly worked together to bring in millions through foreign business ventures - and how the government and media helped cover up the alleged corruption.


Pt 1: The money: How did 'middle class Joe', who's spent five decades as a public servant, and his family amass a massive personal fortune? This episode surveys the lengths the Biden family has gone to enrich themselves at the expense of our country

Pt 2: The coverup: This shocking episode details how the FBI, the CIA, the media, and the tech companies covered-up Joe Biden and his family's business practices and changed the course of history.

All Credit: Fox Nation/Tucker Carlson Originals


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